Interface Seattle Technology Conference - Report

A look at the recent Interface conference in Bellevue - right in the heart of the high tech corridor. This show is for IT Pros and customers. A couple of our traditional SMB Nation managed services providers (MSP) had booth on the floor selling their solutions and services.



Flashback to NexGen - Nitrio and Krikke

A chat with community leaders Bob Nitrio and John Krikke at the recent NexGen conference in SoCal. These two are leaders in the small and medium business (SMB) managed services provider (MSP). community. Krikke shares security insights at 2:02 in the video.


   Rob Spee  

On the Road: Atlanta GA and Channel Journeys

Technology channel executive Rob Spee updates us on his own professional journey in the channel. That includes a new podcast series on his side. We also enjoy insights into what he thinks will happen in 2019.


   Ryan Becker  

On the Road in Dallas Texas: Hi-Tek Computing

We visit with Ryan Becker who focuses on the small and medium business (SMB) market plus the residential home market. Spoiler alert - Becker is your guy to assemble the drone you received as a gift over the holidays!



Cisco Embracing MSPs and SMB Partners?

 At the recent Cisco Partner Summit, Cisco held a half-day MSP summit. The idea is that the new management team is attentive to the SMB Partner who are managed services providers (MSP). While Cisco stick with it this time? Of course only time will tell.



Small Business Saturday contest winner!

Alice Stevenson at Geeks@Site is the grand prize winner of our first Small Business Saturday contest! Watch this vid to celebrate the excitement!



On The Road: Brian Keith in Bend, Oregon

Long-time technology professional and SMB Nation member BRian Keith from Bend, OR spends a few minutes updating the community with his past, present and future. He's carried the bag as a managed services provider (MSP) and is currently an IT Pro serving a large firm as a hleath care technology consultant. He is AWS certified so watch out world!


  Cyber Monday  

Cyber Monday 2018 Report

Join Harry Brelsford in Seattle as he breaks down Cyber Monday 2018. By the numbers, there was overall growth (oc course) but did you know there is an online shopping holiday in June that is 4x larger than Cyber Monday. Watch this vid to discover more.


  SMall Business Recap  

Small Business Saturday 2018 - Recap Report

Watch this Small Business Saturday (November 24, 2018) recap in this report by small and medium business (SMB) expert Harry Brelsford. There are several interview with small business owners and anlaysts participating in this popular annual event between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. #ShopSmall



Cisco: Latest Unified Communications Effort

What goes around comes around – at least one or twice a decade. At the recent Cisco Partner Summit in Las Vegas, Cisco trumpeted that its back in the small and medium business (SMB) sector with its voice solutions. SMB Nation has historically had a long relationship with Cisco in the voice-over-IP (VoIP) area that is now more affectionately called Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

In this video, I report to you from the conference and wrap my arms around this topic. Discover if UcaaS is a “thing.”


  Jason Harrison  

On the Road: Nashville, NC and Jason Harrison

Long-time SMB Nation managed services provider (MSP) Jason Harrison from Harrison Technology Consulting reflects on over two dozen years in the technology field. We visit a snaopshot from the past: Small Business Server (SBS), Small Business Accounting (SBA) and Response Point. And we look to the future with Apple consulting and security. Onward and upward!


  Matt Elledge  

Colonel Matt Elledge: What? Me Worry?

Elledge was the featured speaker at Canon multi-function printer (MFP) product launch at SpiceWorld 2018 in Austin, Tx (October 2018)

In this podcast, Elledge speaks about creating buy-in inside your team. Based on four principles that helps leaders create TIME - so leaders can work on the business, not in the business.

I double-click down on his worry-free beautiful state philosophy that is a tenant in his book. "We tend to worry about the future and that's a gateway drug to depression, etc." Elledge stated.


  Eric Kron  

PODCAST: From Stu to Phising

At the recent SpiceWorld 2018 conference in Austin, TZX, I interviewed Erick Kron, a security awareness advocate at KnowBe4 – a well-respected phishing security solution vendor. We discuss it’s new Virtual Rick Office (VRO) Kron discusses how this is a whole new way of looking at your users security risk behaviors.

“VRO can visualize individual risk behaviors and group risk behaviors.” States Kron in the podcast (ya’ just got listen up). “We’re using artificial intelligence ( AI) to develop and update the solution. Bottom line: we are using VRO to determine "who your next clickers are" and our partners can roll this out to clients today.” Said Kron.
And what’s the tie-in to Stu Sjouwerman, CEO at KnowBe4? Back in the 1990s and 2000s, Sjouwerman had the Win2K newsletter that was north of 500K readers. He often wrote about Small Business Server (SBS) and SMB Nation. So we’re thrilled at his latest success – well-deserved. And we’re now alone – Goldman Sachs recently made a BIG INVESTMENT in KnowBe4. Managed services providers (MSP) should consider such an investment.


  Welcome to SMB Nation  

Welcome to SMB Nation!

Please subscribe to our channel and participate in the SMB Nation community. Thank you!



Election Day 2018: Friebert Interview

Remember this guy? Just before election day, I caught up with Jonathan Friebert who is well-known in the SMB Nation community as the past director of Microsoft’s Voices for Innovation (VFI) – a non-partisan, political trade association charged with technology public policy advocacy.

Friebert has recently moved on from Microsoft and returned to Washington D.C. in a new role starting the government affairs operation for We cover off on that in the interview HERE but the real story is to reflect on how Friebert drove political involvement in the SMB Nation tribe, the MSP community, IAMCP and the Microsoft Partner Network (or what ever they call it now).

Rest easy – Friebert is doing just fine and welcomes your connection request at his LinkedIn profile here.

BTW – this interview was part of a walking tour of George Washington University where Friebert completed both his undergraduate and graduate studies.

  Frank Raimondi  

Raimondi: IoT Right Here; Right Now

SMB Nation friend Frank Raimondi (Intel SMB fame) has a new gig - helping Chargifi getting traction in the small and medium business managed services providers (MSP) partner community. Simple and practical - help SMBs provide a power up feature for customers seeking mobile phone juice. Add reporting and revenue opportunities and you have an IoT play.

  Paul Bay  

Paul Bay: SMB MSPs should "Reach Out"

Paul Bay, Executive Vice President and Group President of the Americas, Ingram Micro, discusses how Ingram Micro is responsive to the small and medium business (SMB) partner with its SMB Alliance – a subset of its reseller community. It's focused on resellers and managed services providers (MSP)

Bay suggests that “the small partner” like the typical SMB Nation member is to reach out. Ingram Micro is investing in SMB technology and encouraging partner-to-partner conversations. Bay also discusses how Ingram Micro’s rebranding over recent years includes providing business and marketing services. Catch Bay’s 2019 forecasts that there will be more consolidation and the continued growth of the “as a service” mindset.


Two Minutes with Robinson: Uncomfortable!

Years ago when knights were bold, and telecom owned the gold, a wise man (the publishers of Telecom Reseller) shared that you should be disturbed when you attend a professional conference. Fast forward the movie and Kirk Robinson, SVP & Chief Country Executive of the U.S., Ingram Micro intimated

a similar line of reasoning at the Ingram One conference in Washington DC (October 2018).

In this quick hitter interview here, discover how Robinson believe you should extend beyond your professional comfort zone to become “uncomfortable” as a tactics to push yourself.


Tiffani Bova's "Growth IQ" book discussed

In this interview, Tiffani Bova shares insights into her life's work as an anlalyst and IT executive about how business grow and go. I particular Bova imparts knowledge about companies that stall at a certain duration or revenue level. This was part of her apperance as a keynote speaker at #ONEIngram.


Save changes Small Business Saturday Contest with SMB Nation

Watch this important vid on how SMB Nation members can participate in the Small Business Saturday (November 24, 2018) as a managed services provider (MSP), reseller, and partner. Just a few easy steps and one person wins a generous AMEX pre-paid card for a holiday shopping spree!

Learn more here:

  Report from Office 365  

Report from Office 365 Saturday!

Bo Woronowicz, community leader and the power behind Office 365 Saturday at Microsoft Redmond speaks. He presents the context of the event plus other similar events worldwide: Barcelona, Ottawa, Leicester, San Juan, Cincinnati, Reston, Calgary, Ahmedabad and many more coming up!

Listen until the end - the prizes at the complimentary event are worth the time commitment over the day alone!

Learn more here:

  New Website Security  

New Website Security Report - Patch 'em up folks!

Join me as I interview Tony Perez (General Manager and Vice President of GoDaddy’s Security Product Group) and his new small business website focused on security. Spoiler alert – it’s all about the managed service provider (MSP) maintaining trust with the small business.

Perez and team’s ” Small Business Website Security Report “ Small Business Website Security Report report takes a double-click look at GoDaddy’s security research and analysis of over 65,000 infected

website cleanup requests from small business customers across the globe, as well as a survey of very small businesses (between one and five employees) on their experiences and perspectives on security. Think of this as BIG DATA goes small.

In the interview, and the report you can download here, some of the key finding are:

• Of the 1000 very small businesses surveyed, nearly half reported suffering a financial loss due to hacking. One in 8 say the loss was greater than $5000.
• Three in 10 small businesses who suffered a cyber breach reported they had to inform customers and clients.
• It’s not enough to clean up compromised files, hackers regularly create ‘backdoors’ on a compromised website, so they can secretly re-enter a platform even after a file cleanup.
• Malware/computer viruses and phishing are the most common types of attack and can target any aspect of a business.
• Of the 65,000 global website cleanup requests, half involved outdated software on the most commonly used platform and tools, WordPress and its content management system (CMS).

Download the full report here.

  Todd Marinos  

VendorView: Educating Office 365 Users with Brainstorm

Todd Marinos from Brainstorm asserts his educational solution focused on Office 365 makes his firm a change agent. He asserts there is a value proposition to getting folks to use Office 365 better, faster and further! Seen here at SherWeb Accelerate 2018 in Montreal.


VendorView: Nerdio at SherWeb Accelerate 2018 - Montreal

Nerdio's Pete Langass and Tony Cai were vendors at the recent SherWeb Accelerate conference and share insights from life on the floor! My question about if managed services providers (MSP) are ready for Azure and a tool to provsion and managed are answered by these gents!



Well-known small and medium business (SMB) speaker Karl Palachuk presented his 25 rules at the recent SherWeb Accelerate18 conference in Montreal. Beyond the standard stuff, Karl speaks toward the initmacy of this conference and how SherWeb kindly offered attendees his managed services provider (MSP) book.

Standard stuff: "Success doesn't just happen, you need to make it happen. Renowned speaker, author and one of the pioneers of Managed Services, Karl Palachuk provides an insightful strategy workshop on the most important principles for driving a profitable MSP. Sharing his experiences and best practices in delivering IT services, he reveals 25 unbreakable rules for success."

  Andy Higgins  

Vantage point: Interview with Andy Higgins, attendee at SherWeb Accelerate 2018

In this report, I interview Andy Higgins from Dripping Springs, TX. He flew north to Montreal to attend the SherWeb Accelerate 2018 conference and offers insights from the floor. In particular this event was impactful in providing insights into how to better his IT consulting practice. Watch to end as Andy has to take off to a business opportunity meeting.


SherWeb's Office Protect security solution launched

Office Protect – SherWeb’s New Security Solution
Discover how SherWeb’s new Office Protect security solution, launched at Accelerate18 in Montreal, is another arrow in the quiver for MSPs to better serve customers. There are three key components:
1. Office 365 security policy configuration and settings – made automatically for the MSP against the client instance based on best practices.
2. Monitoring – simplified presentation of monitoring activity
3. Show value – using Office Protect allows MSPs to continuously engage in the fine art of show on-going value to clients
I’m joined by Guillaume Boisvert, Director – Product Management at SherWeb who was kind enough to speak English ‘case I don’t know French!


Sennheiser SDW 5000 Review

In this interview, a busy Thies Monk, Sennheiser executive, speaks towards the SDW 5000 solution set for telephone headsets, etc. You can read the entire review here:

  Muscular Portfolio  

Beat the Coming Bear Market: Muscular Portfolios

Bestselling Windows Secrets author Brian Livingston has more secrets to share - in the financial technology (FinTech) area. His new book, Muscular Portfolios, is here and advises you that, yes, computers are smarter than emotional humanoids. Learn how Warren Buffett-style investing methods allow you to beat the street with Papa Bear Portfolio, Momma Bear Portfolio and Baby Bear Portfolio strategies.


Spiceworks: 2019 State of Future Workplace Tech

I interview Peter Tsai, rock star analytics dude (@supertsai) who works for @spiceworks. We chatted at the #SpiceWorld2018 conference in Austin TX. Hint: biggest IT spends at the enterprise-level in 2019.

  Browser Wars  

 Browser Wars: Edge v IE

Long-time SMB Nation tribal member Fred Pullen (all the way back to the TS2 days) lays out the conversation for Microsoft Edge v Internet Explorer 11. Hey - the both ship with Windows 10. Do you need both? Which is more secure? Answers to these questions in more in our interview at Microsoft Redmond recently.


 Review: SyncroMSP solution for MSPs

Watch my review and lab testing of this right-sized professional services automation (PSA) and remote management and monitoring (RMM) tool for Managed Services Providers (MSP) in the small and medium business (SMB) space. It's simple yet complex. You can download my full product review here:

  Joe Moore  

Moore: Bring your Techs to Microsoft Ignite NEXT YEAR

Long-time SMB Nation member Joe Moore - known for attending every single major Microsoft conference - has insights into the five day Microsoft Ignite conference.Bottom line: Tech execs should bring a techie with 'em to get maximum value out of this confab. Will Moore repeat? Watch and learn. And we'll make this the last word on Microsoft Ignite 2018 from Orlando FL from SMB Nation!

  matt Glickman  

Coming to the SMB sector: Big Data

At Microsoft Ignite - I engaged in a convesation with Matt Glickman, an executive at Snowflake - about BIG DATA and connecting it all via warehousing, etc. If being a continous learner in the SMB Nation community means you should challenge yourself by stretching your mind - this is the interview for you.

  Wes Haire  

Interview: MSP Wes Haire from Sybersolutions

Not everyone sees the value in attending conferences and workshops. But dont't tell that to Wes Haire - a New England MSP - who recently attended the ChannelPro SMB Foorum in Boston. Haire underscored the intimae and authentic nature of the SMB partner community. Enjoy the interview with Harry Brlesford.

  Ryan Walsh  

The new distributor model: "Un-distributor" - Interview with Ryan Walsh (Pax8)

I caught a few moment with Pax8 channel chief Ryan Walsh at the recent GlueCon conference in Scottsdale, AZ. In this segment, you'll hear Ryan speak towards the "broken distribution" model in information technology (IT). Walsh is on a mission to disrupt IT distribution and he shares his strategic insights. I offer he's really thinking about the "un-distributor" and looking for ways to create relevancy. Enjoy the view.


SolarWinds EmpowerMSP attendee MiaCate Kennedy I

A quick end-of-conference chat with two-time attendee MiaCate Kennedy I from Spokane, WA. Kennedy is on the management team of ABC Office Equipment and helps direct its MSP solutions practice.

  constant contact  

Radical MSP Digital Marketing

We are all evolving as MSPs in the channel. Discover how an industry-leading, intuitive marketing solution for small to medium sized business (SMB) that has been offering primarily email marketing as SAAS since 1995 has been radically updated. It might be a great time to see how adding the solution as a VAR tool can help your clients and you grow.

  Marco Muto  

Wrapping Up EmpowerMSP: Muto “I am a GEEK!”

As a wrap up to the SolarWinds MSP EmpowerMSP 2018 event, I interview newly arrived SolarWinds MSP executive Marco Muto. Muto was "acquired" when his firm, Trusted Metrics, was purchased in early July 2018. He offers a fresh view into his role and his roadmap. He is just under 90-days into his gig and has clearly hit the ground running.

  Robert Stephens  

IoT: Interview with Robert Stephens - Geek Squad founder


Podcast: IoT Musings with Robert Stephens – Geek Squad Founder After delivering a rousing keynote at the SolarWinds Empower conference (Scottsdale, AZ), I spent a few minutes with Robert Stephens – the founder of Geek Squad. His speech detailed his journey from bicycling computer repair guy to car-based Geek Squad to its corporate acquisition by Best Buy. I was more interested in his final speech topic, the Internet of Things (IoT), and how managed services providers (MSPs) and IT Pro, technicians et al could make money. Listen to this podcast and you will leave with his futurist insights. A couple of points from his speech and the podcast interview include: “No Geek Squad for IoT” Augury - installs sensors in industrial machines “Screw taking care of printers and computers” “Sensors are like SHAZAM for industrial clients” “Augury measures sound wave...sound deviates” Future: *Not automation...its anticipation *Natural act: monitoring *3D Printing: cost of sensors will be low...say printable… *Imagine what kinda of customers could you have today that you don't have


Return of the Intel NUC

Myron Morgan, ASI (distributor), shares insights into the imprvoed Intel "Network Unit of Computing" (NUC) small form factor computer. SMB Nation used one of these to drive the 2014 WW tour on Windows and Office 365. Interviewed at the recent ChannelPro SMB Forum in Boston, MA.

  Tech Efficiency  

8 Ways to Take Control of Your Technician's Efficiency

With a focus on the internal operations of an MSP IT servcies business, this "How To" lecture presents eight dimentions on to to both take control and improve your technician's efficiency.

  kaseya acquires rpaid fire tools  

Inside Scoop: Rapid Fire Tools acquired by Kaseya

Harry catches up with Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola at the GlueCon conference in Scottsdale AZ to discuss the recent Rapid Fire Tools acqustion in the MSP partner channel sector. Voccola is on the record saying the acquistion is accretive and additive to contribute to top-line revenue. He is not prediction layoffs of consolidation.

8 ways to take control of your business  

8 Ways to Take Control of Your Business!

Discover eight ways to use the right support tools to take control of your technology practice, your MSP entity, your IT shop. Hosted by long-time IT Pro Harry Brelsford, this educational presentation speaks to channel partners, MSPs and IT Pros seeking to run their own businesses better and thus provide a better customer experience.

  How to Protect Your Email Identity  


How To: Protect Your Email Identity

 A chat with David Hughes, CEO of, on the one simple trick you can use to reduce spam, protect your email identity and catch unsavory players who pass along your email address to vendors, etc. This is a rare MUST WATCH vid.

7 ways to take 

7 Ways to Take Control of Your Customer's Experience

 Join Harry Brelsford as he shows you HOW to use 7 ways to take control of your customer's experiences. Focused on Managed Services Providers (MSP), consultants, Value-Added Resellers (VAR), resllers and IT Pros, this is an important business lesson for technology professionals serving customers and clients.


Top 3 Takeaways from ChannelCon18 with Karl Palachuk

Leading author and speaker in the Managed Services Provider (MSP) community, Karl Palachuk, shares top insights into the recently completed CompTIA ChannelCon 2018 conference.


MSP Tech Talk Summer 2018- Health Care IT Vertical: Cannabis

Are you looking for the next great thing? Take a fresh look at the legal cannabis market (in ten states and growing). The net-net on the new-new is that this is a completely legitimate business that is cash-heavy and technology dependent. It’s akin to the pharmacy business with respect to compliance and other workflows. Meet a real MSP who is capitalizing on the cannabis opportunity already. Plus you’ll be schooled on the nuances of this business including the seed-to-sale supply chain, the differences between states, etc. Leave this webinar with an understanding on how the cannabis opportunity can be part of your MSP portfolio moving forward with ready-to-rock technology solutions.

Online Marketing   

MSP Tech Talk Summer 2018-Online Video Marketing:

Online Video Marketing: Six Essential Principles of Success.

Everyone recognizes the power of creating captivating, compelling messaging with video. Thousands of dollars are routinely spent in script writing, video recording, and editing during the creation of a professional looking end product. Yet, despite the great potential of video, most of the attempts to compete online with a video marketing strategy fall short. Unlike traditional TV, Radio, or print media advertising, online video has its own set of rules. Understanding the six principles of successful online video changes everything. Tune in on July 18th and learn how you can start implementing these online marketing essentials in your organization today.



HOW TO: Take your MSP Business to the Next Level!

Well-respected Managed Services Provider (MSP) business coach Manuel Palachuk shared his secret sauce at the recent CompTIA ChannelCon 2018 (#channelcon18) conference in Washington DC. Hint: Culture. Second hint: Agile Service Delivery! Also learn how Manuel was a day-to-day IT professional how elevated to being an in-demand speaker and strategy guy.




Newbie MSP - CompTIA Workforce Training Outreach

John Cooper left his job of 18+ years as a security guard in the summer of 2018 to become a technology Managed Services Provider (MSP) working for a channel partner orgazination (headed by CompTIA board member Nathan Archer). Cooper is benefiting from the workforce outreach efforts provided by CompTIA - he was interviewed while attending CompTIA's ChannelCon18 conference in Washington DC (August 2018). Enjoy this happy story!




FinTech: Brian Livingston Muscular Portfolios

Learn HOW TO make consistent financial portfolio gains with your hard earned wealth from best selling author Brian Livingston of Windows Secrets fame. In this interview, Livingston discusses his new portal, newsletter and forthcoming book, all called "Muscular Portfolios" and easily explains sophisticated technology-based financial investment frameworks (simple models called Papa Bear, Momma Bear and Baby Bear).


How To....make money with voice with Robert Cooper (Wildix) at CompTIA ChannelCon 2018

Harry Brelsford (SMB Nation) speaks with Robert Cooper (Wilddix) at CompTIA ChannelCon 2018. The BASIC QUESTION: How to MAKE MONEY with Voice technology. Warning - money maker secrets embedded inside!