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Unfortunately, due to the increased rates of COVID in the United States IAITAM has decided to postpone its 2021 conference and Nashville.  IAITAMs number one concern is to keep their members and employees safe and in order to do so felt it was best to cancel. Although, they canceled their conference in October they are already gearing up for May in Las Vegas.  With the theme Peace, Love & Asset Management they are hoping you dust off your bell bottoms and join them.

Watch as we meet with Dr. Barb as she speaks about the conference cancelation and what to expect in the future.


Dr. Barb


Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford  0:06 

Hey Nation Nation back with Dr. Barb Rembiesa, over at IAITAM always a pleasure. Then you have some breaking news. This is this is timely, what's going on with that? And you'll love that.

Dr. Barb Rembiesa  0:18 

Yeah, we we've had to postpone it again due to COVID. So we will not be in Nashville in October, sadly. But we will be in Vegas in May. So, you know, we're we're looking forward to that. And then we'll be back in Nashville the following years is what we're looking at right now providing that the numbers stay where they're at now, or you know, where we start getting a handle on everything.

Harry Brelsford  0:45 

Yeah. Yeah. And how did you arrive at the decision? You've made a, you know, a good decision. you've, you've done it strongly. How did you get there because we're starting to see some some pushes in the tech sector.

Dr. Barbara Rembiesa  0:59 

I watched I watched data, obviously, what the profession I'm in. I've been watching the data very closely. And back in June, July, I started looking at August, mid August, late August was probably when we were going to start going up on a on a nother peak, which is happening. So around October, I'm expecting that peak to be mid October, I think is when we're going to hit the top of that peak before we start going down, down again. Right now. The numbers that came out Friday are equal to 1129 of last year in both the the weekly cases and unfortunately, we've popped back up on the weekly deaths. Yeah,

Harry Brelsford  1:51 

yeah, that's really unfortunate. I I'll tell you this just my own personal behavior is you know, I'm now located in Austin, Texas, and Texas does all that but don't don't don't go down that country route. But you go to the grocery store, and I'm wearing my mask. Now. Some people stare at me, you know, like the kind of weird lot of people not being compliant not wearing mask, Dr. BB I've come this far. I have kept that safe. I have not caught COVID and it's cool, man. That's cool. I'm gonna wear the mask. You know, I do get some side eyes. But hey, man, we're we're gonna do the very best we can if you know what I mean. Yeah,

Dr. Barbara Rembiesa  2:34 

yeah, you got you got to do what you feel is best for you. Keeping our members and our employees safe was was my responsibility. And what's the case is going up and, you know, hearing of some people on their third round a COVID watching the deaths go up watching the the weekly rates go up, or the weekly cases go up? You know, we had to make that hard call. And I think a lot of conferences are following us on that. And, you know, they're seeing 30% attendance and and that's not good for anybody. So no one's happy. Oh, we're just gonna, we're gonna kind of take a break. We'll get ready for a little bit of Woodstock and and a little bit of a little bit of love. And in Las Vegas, maybe kind of a 60s theme. Yeah, get out your bell bottoms and plant functions. And hopefully, we'll all be ready.

Harry Brelsford  3:37 

I'll be there. hey. Let's wrap on this. What other activities do you have going on at IAITAM, what else is going on? Um,

Dr. Barb Rembiesa  3:45 

so we have a new website that's coming out. All of our IV PL has been rewritten it's and formatting as we speak. So that'll be coming out very shortly. That's very exciting. Um, our webinars, we have all kinds of things happening on the website, so anybody can go out there. And look, we're going to have a whole new design coming out here real quick and lots of new member benefits.

Harry Brelsford  4:11 

Alrighty, well, we're gonna check in with you next quarter. I appreciate you giving us a time slice.

Dr. Barbara Rembiesa  4:18 

Oh, anytime, anytime.

Harry Brelsford  4:20 

All right, take care. Thanks. Okay, you too. Bye bye.