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Digital transformation is one of those industry buzzwords that has gotten tossed around like crazy.  Throughout the industry, vendors all talk about digital transformation as a piece of hardware, a change of the way that you do your bandwidth, or a piece of software, when in actuality digital transformation is so much more.   

Josh Weis describes digital transformation as leveraging technology to actually change the way that you do business, it is taking full advantage of technology to give your client a measurable increase back on your technology investment.  Watch as Josh and Harry chat about digital transformation and how it can help you and your clients become more productive in your jobs. 





Video Transcript

Harry Brelsford  0:02 

Hey Nation Nation back with Josh Weiss and I believe it may be Happy New Year. I can't remember if we have talked since the beginning of the year. So Happy New Year, man.

Josh Weiss  0:12 

Happy Happy New Year. Good to see you, Harry. Always a pleasure.

Harry Brelsford  0:16 

Yeah. So I again, I'm seeing your LinkedIn feeds a lot of them my my compliments that you have that cadence thing down. And it seems like one of your passions projects, one of the one of the things you're passionate about is digital transformation. So maybe over the next couple of months, we can go down that rabbit hole. So so I'm just gonna hand the mic to you talk to me about digital transformations.

Josh Weiss  0:43 

Well, digital transformation is one of those industry buzzwords that has just gotten tossed around like crazy, I think it's funny, because every SD LAN vendor and firewall vendor and you know, you know, like dedicated storage vendor and the like, they all talk about digital transformation as like install this piece of hardware or, you know, change the way that you do your bandwidth, and that that's going to be digital transformation. And I really don't think that's true, I think it's a bit of a disservice. Digital Transformation, to me is more about how can you leverage technology to actually change the way that you do business. And you know, certainly for the SMB nation crowd, I think Microsoft has jammed themselves pretty deep into that conversation. I think that you know, the concept of how people can use teams to actually change the way their people work. I think that that's pretty exciting. But at the end of the day, can you sit down with the business owner and say, here's the ROI that you're going to get, here's how you're wasting time right now with these inefficient work practices. And here's how you can actually leverage technology to give you a measurable increase back on your technology investment. And I think that's what takes it from being like a piece of hardware that really, employees could care less about, to changing the way people work. Yeah. And, and I guess, to add to that, the thing that I really see is that 2020 of the pandemic cycle about, whoa, we might not be quite ready, like maybe it's slow for our employees to access their, their stuff offline, or maybe we never had chat, because we like to tap people on the shoulder in the office, right? Whereas 2021 is like, Okay, this thing isn't going anywhere. And now people have to actually learn to work differently, and more effectively remotely, rather than just setting up LogMeIn and accessing their computers to, you know, do an emergency redo on how people work.

Harry Brelsford  2:49 

Well, I would concur. Let me give you an analogy, sorta. So the notions let me let me find my in 95. So the old, the old 895. I've been doing some interesting readings, New York Times that kind of thing. So Bill Gates dropped some comments the other day about and I concur that this is only the first pandemic, right, so don't folks, you know, hang on fast. This is the first one. And what's cool about that, again, not quite the right word. But what's cool is with the digital transformation in the lessons learned with remote work and work from home, dude, when the next pandemic hits, we're ready, right? I mean, we're ready to rock and so don't don't think we're going back to normal, right that this is a time to transform and so on. The other thought is you'll like this example, just this past week. I found one of my the Lenovo think Center, the little tiny Lenovo PCs that are little screamers. I mean, they're really good. And it's a desktop unit, and I went ahead and reformatted it and put windows 10 on it. And that Jenny, a new monitor, so we got it up to Jenny. She's about two hours away. And here's why, Josh, and we're talking workflows. When we do these interviews, we use Camtasia to render the output. And Camtasia is a CPU hog. And so Jenny was trying to do it on her Lenovo x one laptop, which is a nice laptop, but it's older, right? You know, laptops get sleepy, they kind of get tired over time. And so now we've offloaded that Camtasia processing to effectively a desktop unit with a different architecture, not not as big of emphasis on miniaturization. And so our productivity went up, right because now she gets the she can move the mouse and type on the keyboard on her laptop while the cat This rendering over here, man.

Josh Weiss  5:02 

And so that's that's the transformation, right? It takes janny, two hours less per week to get this stuff done. And that's worth X amount of dollars. And that's measurable and right now she can do something else with that time. Yeah. Yeah. So

Harry Brelsford  5:15 

next month when we get together, I want to double click a little bit deeper, I'd love to hear about you're involved in a cabal or an organization or a syndicate or a mafia surrounding digital transformation. So I want to I want to hear more about that your colleagues go. Great to see all right. Yeah. Hey, nice new house by the way, I would say that's really cool. All right, brother. Nice. All right. Have Have a nice day and Happy Valentine's Day. How about that my

Josh Weiss  5:44 

friend. Happy New Year. Happy Valentine's Day. We got to we got to have some holidays to be excited about during these days

Harry Brelsford  5:50 

 All right. Take care.