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After delivering a rousing keynote at the SolarWinds Empower conference (Scottsdale, AZ), I spent a few minutes with Robert Stephens – the founder of Geek Squad. His speech detailed his journey from bicycling computer repair guy to car-based Geek Squad to its corporate acquisition by Best Buy.

I was more interested in his final speech topic, the Internet of Things (IoT),

With cryptocurrency gaining prominence, have you considered accepting Bitcoin and its ilk?




By: Andrew Medal

Consumers expect businesses to provide ease of use, efficiency and seamless payment processes. That's especially pressing considering that globally, around two-thirds of the population of 52 key countries are expected to own a smartphone in 2018, as documented by Zenith Media.

Watch out old guard PSA and RMM tools – there is a spunky West Coast player in the PSA/RMM market that’s disrupting the East Coast landed gentry. Proof? In this hands-on product review, within one hour even I completed the setup and transacted with a fictitious client. If Harry can do it; you can do it.

But don’t be fooled that SyncroMSP is a simple tool and subject to retaliation from the big two PSA/RMM players as a “light” version (remember the attacks on “Go” a decade ago?). In the review you can download

Harry catches up with Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola at the GlueCon conference in Scottsdale AZ to discuss the recent Rapid Fire Tools acqustion in the MSP partner channel sector. Voccola is on the record saying the acquistion is accretive

Predictive Analytics

By Claudio Garcia – Contributing Writer,

For years, predictive analytics has been used for assessing project risk, detecting fraud and even predicting Super Bowl winners (although the computers fell short this year). Predictive analytics has also made a large impact on the ability for marketing organizations to predict demand, personalize content and increase conversion.

image293This is a Zen master piece. Over time in the SMB Nation community life cycle, my efforts to impart and embed knowledge and analysis in the community often take different twists and turns. At times I revert back to my base where I type out keystroke procedures like my first 10+ Windows Server/Small Business Server books.

I'm on an email theme right now as it's both an essential tool and a popular IT attack vector. This blog is to highlight a cool tool to provide email address protection. And it's been brought to market by well-known player David Hughes. Peeps will remember Hughes from Boston-based Reflexion that was acquired by Sophos.

The most recent Tech Tuesday covers an increasingly tranding topic: phising! We discuss definitions that include the tighter band of spear phising. And as always, we have a bit of fun with "gone fishing" jokes. Seriously - a few examples are shown as well as some great analysis from Redmond Magazine. Finally, we suggest a couple

Migration watch: Windows 10 in August continued to gain ground in user share and should supplant Windows 7 as the most popular version of Windows in October.

By Gregg Keizer

windows 10 100714105 large

Windows 10 last month recorded its strongest growth since January, accelerating the timeline when the newer operating system will overtake the venerable Windows 7.

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Webinar: 3Q MSP Analyst Report

SMB Nation Webinar Tuesday, Sep. 18, 2018 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PST

Presented by: Harry Brelsford, and Guest

It’s that time to gather again with Harry and guests to review our progress for 2018 and position for 2019. This well-attended online session will include:

    • Fall Conferences – Harry’s Picks
    • Trending Topics to Wrap 2018 (Fall election cycle, more)
    • Why IoT is overrated (but not for long)
    • Why Analytics is Underrated (but not for long)
    • McBain: Top MSP social network is…
    • Polling Results – Your Concerns
    • M&A Updates
    • Karl Palachuk's new SMB Community
    • Will Voice really marry Data?
    • Final Thoughts