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Operating in stealth mode the past few months, we’re ready to come out of the closet. Yes – we are now offering advisory services to MSPs and resellers trying to adjust their business portfolios to start over in a highly disrupted technology market. To date

It was the week from hell but the Tour de Cloud launched Monday in Irvine California and finished Stage 3 in Sacramento on Friday. Heck we were following the Tour of California route but we’re not a bike race. We are an independent workshop for MSPs, VARs, resellers, IT Pros and GEEKS! As you know from prior posts, we are focused on the technology message first followed by the bizdev side. It’s a great fit as we feel we fulfill an important need in the roadshow space.

So it turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks! StorageCraft, its balance sheet in great shape after an investment round, is starting to make acquisitions. The idea is simple. Reinvent itself by buying missing portfolio elements instead of relying solely on internal innovation. It’s a way to move “fast fast” as Ross Perot liked to say.

Last week StorageCraft announced it was acquiring the analytical intellectual property (IP) of Gillware Online Backup, a Madison, WI-based vendor. I spoke with StorageCraft executives and this acquisition has the effect of leapfrogging StorageCraft into the hottest part of IT right now – analytics.

Grant here. I’ve created a completely new Azure and Office 365 workshop that is based on storytelling. Makes sense. I’m the “Chief Storytelling Officer” (CSO) for Tour de Cloud.

Seriously – my promise to you is that you’ll enjoy hard core unique content with no fluff and all buff for one day! Upcoming workshops include New York City, Boston, Austin, Houston and Dallas! 

Start the day with questions about Azure and Office 365. End the day with answers. That’s my promise and I guarantee you

This past week, I attended the 5th GeekWire Summit and have a report for you. First, this is an interesting diverse crowd. You can’t pin it down to just one audience (e.g. a security conference has IT security professionals). Rather it was venture capitalists, start-up entrepreneurs, white collar professionals and technical geeks. The format was typically a single room format with a start-up or established executive speaking to the audience. I’d rank this a “roadmap” conference with high-level speeches. There was minimal technical content and no hands-on labs.

There is no age discrimination in the entrepreneurship community. It’s a line of reasoning that cuts both ways. You can be a 50+ year old white collar tech exec who is “yes sir-ed” through the back door in the tech community because of ageism but still have credibility as a start-up entrepreneur. Likewise, you can be a millennial in the new gig economy who embraces start-ups. It’s a big tent and there is room for all.

Recently GoDaddy released an extensive study on how millennials are fueling entrepreneurial growth.

Community member sexually assaulted at IT conference

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By Carrie Simpson

I’m not American.  I have no horse in the U.S. Presidential race, but recent comments about “locker room antics” have me worried that my daughter is going to grow up having to endure the same nonsense I have, and that’s not acceptable to me.

Aside from the expo hall, I spent a long day learning about the technical details of Windows Server 2016, Azure, Hyper-V and more. Microsoft has done an excellent job of providing speakers who are leaders or senior members of the product team and in several sessions they had a few others “on the bench”. These folks sat in the audience to ensure that questions were answered. In only one of the sessions did I hear, “I’ll need to get back to you.”

Ignite is packed full of information on a myriad of technology topics. There are so many sessions it is almost always difficult to choose which to attend. In this update I am going to touch on a few and look for more posts in the coming days and weeks.

Digital Transformation
This is the buzz here, it’s on the lips of most presenters I have seen. No one has provided a universal definition of it and as I talk to people it means different things to

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Presented by: Harry Brelsford CEO at SMB Nation, and Chris Sterbenc Channel Chief, SVP of Sales at Infrascale

According to a recent study, 91% of responding MSPs say their customers have recently been victimized by ransomware and 40% experienced six or more

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