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As I sit here overlooking South Lake Union in Seattle – the neighborhood that Paul Allen restored and the home of Amazon HQ1, I wanted to reflect on what Paul Allen has meant to Seattle and myself. I’ve expressed my thoughts on today’s Northwest Digital News (NDN) where I’m a regular contributor for the Tech Tuesday segment. You can watch that

Bestselling Windows Secrets author Brian Livingston has more secrets to share - in the financial technology (FinTech) area. His new book, Muscular Portfolios, is here and advises you that, yes, computers are smarter than emotional humanoids.

Spiceworks, a large community of IT Pros, can be viewed from many directions. In addition to being a community, it behaves as a media integration company with vendor support and its also known for it’s solid research and reporting. I had my annual visit with Peter Tsai (@supertsai), senior technology analyst at Spiceworks where he released the 2019 State of Future Workplace Tech.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. SpiceWorld is a must do on the annual tech conference calendar. Teaser alert – attendees agree but I’ll get to that in a minute. First – an internal conversation concerning the Spiceworks marketplace announcement.

I spoke 1:1 with

I always told momma I'd rather be early than late. I'd say our exploration of analytics resembles that old saw. You are now seeing smart/savvy analytics players from the small and medium business (SMB) partner community (including managed services providers - MSP) enter this space. Admittedly the tools and rules are still being

Long-time SMB Nation tribal member Fred Pullen (all the way back to the TS2 days) lays out the conversation for Microsoft Edge v Internet Explorer 11. Hey - the both ship with Windows 10. Do you need both? Which is more secure? Answers to these questions in more in our interview at Microsoft Redmond recently.

Word Press


Do you have a WordPress website? Is it secure enough?

Well, it's an open secret today that no website is 100 percent secure. It's easy for clever cybercriminals to find security vulnerabilities and then hijack and misuse your WordPress website.

Let’s go old school in this review. As a rowdy and gnarly teenager growing up in Alaska, I used the iconic Sennheiser “yellow” headphones to listen to the Allman Brothers and Santana, all the while giving noise relief to my weary parents. It was the start of a life long relationship with Sennheiser with its German engineering roots.

Fast forward the movie

Long-time SMB Nation member Joe Moore - known for attending every single major Microsoft conference - has insights into the five day Microsoft Ignite conference.Bottom line: Tech execs should bring a techie with 'em to get maximum value out of this confab. Will Moore repeat?

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