Wilson: Easy as Pie – MFA in Office 365

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I’ve just completed an interview with our contributor Denis Wilson who shared with us reports on a 600% increase (January 2020 – May 2020) in “cloud hacking” by bad actors targeting Office 365, G-suite and such. I was scared straight!

So in-part, we used the interview HERE to get me off the dime in real-time to turn on Multi-factor Authentication in Office 365 using these steps.

  • Logon as the administrator to your Office 365 instance via the web.
  • Click on the Admin
  • Expand the Users selection on the left.
  • Select Active Users.
  • Select Multi-Factor authentication
  • I recommend you click the hyper-link in the introductory paragraph on the multi-factor authentication The link is “multi-factor auth deployment guide
  • The above action will launch a new window that presents the “How it works: Azure Multi-Factor Authentication It takes two minutes to read. Do it NOW and you can find it HERE.
  • Return to the multi-factor authentication
  • Select the users for whom you want to enable multi-factor authentication (e.g. Harry Brelsford)
  • Click Enable.
  • Carefully read the About enabling multi-factor auth dialog box.
  • Copy the following link https://aka.ms/MFASetup and send it to the users you will enable.
  • Click the enable multi-factor auth
  • On the Updates successful dialog box, click close.
  • Click the link mentioned in Step 12 above: https://aka.ms/MFASetup
  • Check your phone for a text with a six digit code to place on a new page that opened in the Office 365 site to enter the code. This is a common practice with many multi-factor authentication scenarios such as your back.
  • On the Additional security verification App Passwords page, configure your preferred options. I selected the Authentication phone checkbox and it already had populated the phone number field with my mobile phone.
  • Consider watching the three-minute video from Microsoft on YouTube titled How to register for Azure Multi-Factor Authentication. Click on the View video to know how to secure your account link to watch or your can access it HERE. This video explains how you can receive a code to a mobile app instead of via text to your phone.
  • Click Save.
  • Take a bow – you are now setup with multi-factor authentication in Office 365.

Wilson Pie