As we turn towards celebrating the holiday season, it’s time to think of giving – geek style. On Tech Tuesday, a collaboration of Northwest Digital News (NDN) and SMB Nation, we compiled a short list of geek gifts that your can give to your favorite geek (and maybe self gift too!).

An evergreen topic that never gets old – it’s our own Joshua Liberman (long time SMB Nation’er) who has niched on security and is my guest on last week’s TechTuesday segment on Northwest Digital News (NDN). Liberman was presenting at the ChannelPro SMB Forum in Long, Beach, California on a variety of managed services providers (MSP) topics, primarily on the 

At the recent SpiceWorld 2018 conference in Austin, TZX, I interviewed Erick Kron, a security awareness advocate at KnowBe4 – a well-respected phishing security solution vendor. We discuss it’s new Virtual Rick Office (VRO) Kron discusses how this is a whole new way of looking at your users security risk behaviors.

SMB Nation friend Frank Raimondi (Intel SMB fame) has a new gig - helping Chargifi getting traction in the small and medium business managed services providers (MSP) partner community. Simple and practical - help SMBs provide a power up

Bo Woronowicz, community leader and the power behind Office 365 Saturday at Microsoft Redmond speaks. He presents the context of the event plus other similar events worldwide: Barcelona, Ottawa, Leicester, San Juan,

Join me as I interview Tony Perez (General Manager and Vice President of GoDaddy’s Security Product Group) and his new small business website focused on security. Spoiler alert – it’s all about the managed service provider (MSP) maintaining trust with the small business.

Discover how SherWeb’s new Office Protect security solution, launched at Accelerate18 in Montreal, is another arrow in the quiver for MSPs to better serve customers. There are three key components:

Word Press


Do you have a WordPress website? Is it secure enough?

Well, it's an open secret today that no website is 100 percent secure. It's easy for clever cybercriminals to find security vulnerabilities and then hijack and misuse your WordPress website.

Let’s go old school in this review. As a rowdy and gnarly teenager growing up in Alaska, I used the iconic Sennheiser “yellow” headphones to listen to the Allman Brothers and Santana, all the while giving noise relief to my weary parents. It was the start of a life long relationship with Sennheiser with its German engineering roots.

Fast forward the movie

Long-time SMB Nation member Joe Moore - known for attending every single major Microsoft conference - has insights into the five day Microsoft Ignite conference.Bottom line: Tech execs should bring a techie with 'em to get maximum value out of this confab. Will Moore repeat?

It’d be easy enough to say SyncroMSP is so easy to use that even I can do it. There is truth to humor but there is a more serious side to this conversation. You are invited to watch this video that articulates my experience and the experience of a leading managed services provider (MSP) using the SyncroMSP. SyncroMSP crosses a couple of categories like so many MSP solutions today.

Network security is of prime importance in today's world, hence network scanning, or rather network vulnerability scanning, has a crucial role to play as regards the overall security of any enterprise and the data that it handles.

Here's a look at the top 10 useful network vulnerability scanning tools available today: