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No longer does our industry take summers off! Post-pandemic, events are back and have multiplied. In this piece, I share a few nuggets but more importantly I point you to two industry calendars so you can conduct your own research! The two events I’m highlighting below are multi-day events. Use the two calendars below to search for one-day events such as ChannelPro and ASCII events.

My two shout outs are:

No visit to IT Nation 2023 would be complete without speaking to a ConnectWise C-Level executive - and that exactly what I did! Boston-based Geoffrey Willison, is the Chief Customer Officer. It's a tought job in any company including ConnectWise.Listen to our podcast - always important to track what the Big Dogs are doing! 

A busy CEO, Mike Psenka of Moovila chattedwith us at the recent IT Nation 2023 event. I immedialy liked what they are doing for Managed Services Providers (MSPs) with a project and work management platform. This start up in the managed services space is one to watch! 

Listen to the podcast - the link is below. 

At the recent IT Nation 2023 event in Orlando, both William Toll and Amy Luby took a few minutes away on a busy expo floor to answer my one question. What is Seceon? With two powerhouses like Toll and Luby joining the team, somethings up and I wanted to get to the bottom of it! Please watch this interesting pod cast! And be sure to give a little love with a  like and a comment. ;) 

Recently my team reached out to over 500 Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in the Northeast US to invite them to attend our MSP Rescue Workshop in Princeton, NJ. We targeted New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Attendee Recruitment Methodology

Our approach was very simple. Searching on simple terms like “MSP” with a geographic reference such as “New York City” or “Philadelphia” we were able to quickly compile the list of targets mentioned above.  Next, we completed the “Contact Us” form on the MSP’s website to establish communication. Here is what we found:

Step back and hear me out on this one.

While not a direct hit with the Managed Services Provider (MSP) small and medium business (SMB) space, it’s a technology story at its core: curbside pick-up.

First my journey. I recently started using curbside pick-up at a local grocery store “HEB” in the Austin, TX area. I am sold and will minimize my in-store visits moving forward. Here are a couple take aways.

Accuracy. The customer experience for online ordering has been awesome. The “stuff” I wanna buy is easy to find online. Also – there is an order history so I can simply repeat the last order (like copy-and-paste) and then make simple modifications.

At the recent IT Nation 2023 event, we pulled Kyle Hanslovan away from his busy booth to get an insightful update on Huntress. This firm provided technical solutions to the Managed Services Provider (MSP) community and has high favorble ratings. And for good reason - they've earned that right. I've tracked them over the years and impressed with this update showing continued growth. Hoefully you'll be impressed as well! Listen the podcast in the link below. 

 One to watch: Timus Networks


We caught up with a busy busy Pinar Ormeci, CEO of Timus Networks, after our recent MSP Rescue – Princeton workshop.

In this podcast, we discuss:

  • Zero trust network security solutions with Pinar from Timus networks
  • Career progression from engineering to CEO
  • Virtual security for modern workforce
  • New company's events and partnerships in the MSP industry
  • Strategic partnerships in the IT industry


Long-time and loyal SMB Nation member Ulrich “Uli” Kirkegaard endured a life alter event in early August with the Maui fires. He lost his home and business as did many of his beloved small and medium business (SMB) clients. The purpose of this content is to properly introduce you to Uil and have you discover and share with others what challenges face this well-respected managed services Provider (MSP).

One way you can help immediately is to contribute funds are you are able. Then further down the road he can use supplies and even feet-on the-ground (something we have done much of since Hurricane Katrina 18-years ago). I plan to visit Maui in early December or early 2024 (join me!).

Watch the conversation HERE! 

You may assist Uli and his family at this GoFundMe site

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Harry Brelsford of SMB Nation sits down with Liongard at the IT Nation 2022 Conference.  Liongard gives MSPs an operational advantage that delivers both higher profits and an exceptional customer experience.  The Liongard software has been built by MSP veterans with the focus to eliminate error and reduce manual labor, in order to help MSP’s increase their bottom line.  Through visibility management and 70+ integrations, Liongard retrieves data from every environment you manage,  and brings you the data to fuel your workforce.  Listen as Harry, Joe, and Matt discuss data management, and how to use it to increase your bottom line. 





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