Harry Brelsford and Caroline Goles discussed their plans for beyond 2024, focusing on growth strategies and marketplace expansion. Caroline highlighted the addition of 20 plus new vendors, expanded categories, and marketplace enhancements to help partners grow. Harry inquired about entering the crowded hardware distribution field, while Caroline emphasized Europe expansion and marketplace mode for 2024. Both stressed the importance of AI capabilities, lifecycle management, and connecting vendors with MSPs to grow their SMB footprint.

No longer does our industry take summers off! Post-pandemic, events are back and have multiplied. In this piece, I share a few nuggets but more importantly I point you to two industry calendars so you can conduct your own research! The two events I’m highlighting below are multi-day events. Use the two calendars below to search for one-day events such as ChannelPro and ASCII events.

My two shout outs are:

A busy CEO, Mike Psenka of Moovila chattedwith us at the recent IT Nation 2023 event. I immedialy liked what they are doing for Managed Services Providers (MSPs) with a project and work management platform. This start up in the managed services space is one to watch! 

Listen to the podcast - the link is below. 

Recently we sat down with Kam Kaila, President and Community Officer, IT by Design and we did one of our podcasts!

The high-level topics included:

  • Leadership development and talent management for MSPs
  • Leadership development in the MSP industry
  • Leadership training for the channel
  • Leadership styles, personality, and communication
  • MSP support, software, and team management

No visit to IT Nation 2023 would be complete without speaking to a ConnectWise C-Level executive - and that exactly what I did! Boston-based Geoffrey Willison, is the Chief Customer Officer. It's a tought job in any company including ConnectWise.Listen to our podcast - always important to track what the Big Dogs are doing! 

Ryan Walsh recently spoke with us about Pax8, a fast growing technology marketplace. Here are the highlights:

  • Community-led growth in the tech industry
  • The evolution of the IT industry and the importance of attach services
  • Upcoming product releases and partnerships
  • Data-driven insights and conference planning


The SMB Nation community has done it once (New Orleans – Hurricane Katrina) and we’ve done it twice (Houston – Hurricane Harvey). It’s time to dispatch the MSP Navy with resources to help long-time SMB Nation member Ulrich Kirkegaard. He has lost everything this week including his home and business in Lahaina, Maui.

Kirkegaard shared the following with me in an email exchange earlier today.

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