MSP Navy Update #4: Irma and Scott

Geek Speak

As promised, my intentions are to keep the MSP Navy in the news cycle concerning the recent hurricanes (Harvey, Irma). Houston MSP Tim Looney started it here and has been joined by fellow MSP Ken Dwight to do good post-Harvey.  Closely-related was the relief coordination via the IAMCP here

This update concerns Irma that hit Florida recently.

Long time SMB Nation member Scott Cayouette has raised his hand to coordinate the MSP Navy in South Florida. It all makes sense. Cayouette is well-known over the past 15-years for coordinating Small Business Server (SBS) user groups (notably the South Florida Technology Network). Many folks don’t know that he is also the Vice Chair / Director for the North America Board of the Global IT Community Association (GITCA).

[If you don’t know GITCA – read: “Representing over 900 member organizations and over 5 million IT professionals, GITCA is the world's largest international not-for-profit independent organization powered by dedicated volunteers devoted to the development and growth of the IT community by providing services to support leaders and connect user groups, associations, and student IT organizations. GITCA stands committed to the free exchange of resources, ultimately elevating the status of the IT Professional both in their industry and in the community.” – editor]

Cayouette doesn’t necessarily have a master plan however he’s interested in teaming with other MSPs to do whatever it takes to help SMBs get back on their technology feet. Scott can be reached via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Think of it as Scott is recruiting YOU to join the MSP Navy!

Bottom line – Irma happened and these recoveries take weeks and months long after the media coverage has subsided. My commitment is to keep this story alive in the MSP community moving forward. We did it for Katrina 12+ years ago; time to rally the MSP Navy!