ESET Launches New Cloud and XDR Solutions for Managed Service Providers

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San Diego, September 29th, 2022 – ESET, a global leader in digital security, today announced the launch of new cloud and XDR solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). By expanding the ESET PROTECT Platform to include ESET Inspect and ESET Inspect Cloud, MSPs and their business customers will now have access to dedicated XDR security solutions – available on prem or via the cloud. ESET also launched an all new ESET Direct Endpoint Management plugin for Kaseya VSA, as well as Native ARM Support for macOS. 

“With this launch, our MSP partners have access to a sophisticated, cloud-based EDR solution with ESET PROTECT and new cutting-edge tools that support their growth, productivity and enable increased visibility into their networks,” said Ryan Grant, Vice President of Sales for ESET North America. “MSPs environments are complex – supporting a wide range of customers across a variety of industries. The ESET PROTECT Platform provides a unified ecosystem with a single pane of glass to view, manage and secure business customers from.”  

Since 2014, ESET has protected MSP partners around the world with its dedicated MSP program. Supported by ongoing research into the cybersecurity threat landscape, the company continues to innovate to enable channel partners’ ongoing progress. Today’s launch includes: 

ESET Inspect Cloud for MSP: Previously released for the enterprise market, ESET Inspect Cloud is a sophisticated cloud-based tool that enables MSPs to evolve the ESET PROTECT Platform into an XDR solution for enterprise-grade security and risk management capabilities, including advanced threat hunting, incident response, full network visibility, cloud-based threat defense, and more. ESET Inspect and ESET Inspect Cloud will be accessible via ESET’s MSP Administrator platform that is currently used by partners.  

EDM Kaseya VSA Management: ESET offers plugins that support major RMM and PSA players. Today, the company has released an all-new ESET Direct Endpoint Management plugin for MSPs using the Kaseya VSA Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool. ESET Direct Endpoint Management plugin for Kaseya VSA offers MSPs a wide range of functionality, from fast installation and deployment to policy management, allowing for a very high level of automation. Last but not 

least, there's no need to install any additional cloud or on-premise console as the plugin works from Kaseya VSA and communicates directly with endpoints. 

Flexible Billing: The new offering will allow current and prospective MSP customers access to a simplified digital security platform, with MSP-optimized solutions that are easy to use, help minimize their daily operations, and allow MSPs to provide top-rated security to help solidify their own customers’ trust. ESET is known for its flexible, self-service, zero-commitment billing model that allows MSP partners to ‘pay as they go’ monthly and for the subscriptions they actually need. 

ARM Advancements: As Mac adoption continues to grow in the SMB and enterprise markets, ESET has expanded its EDR and XDR solutions to include Native ARM Support for macOS. This follows on ESET’s introduction of Native ARM Support for Windows earlier this year, and helps MSP partners to stay competitive in the market.  

“When businesses need hardened, next-generation cybersecurity solutions, ESET’s approach to multilayered security plus real time intelligence sets us apart,” said Grant. “We have hundreds of experts and researchers in 13 R&D centers around the world who are analyzing never-before-seen threats, tracking sophisticated APT group activity and creating resources for our partner community that keep them up to date on the latest cybersecurity concerns. This intelligence is wrapped into our advanced EDR and XDR solutions to ensure next generation prevention, detection and response.”  

Cristobal (Cris) Martinez has joined ESET North America as Director of MSP Channels, where he will manage the MSP program and support partners’ long-term growth. Martinez came to ESET from Malwarebytes where, as senior director, RMM and strategic partnership, he acquired, grew and managed RMM\ISV\OEM strategic partners and the MSP channel business GTM sales strategy for North America. He also created their MSP partner program. Prior to Malwarebytes, he worked at Webroot as senior product manager for MSP.  

“We are thrilled that Cris has joined our team to lead the MSP business – enabling MSP partners to address the significant SMB market opportunity with advanced security offerings and intelligence,” said Brent McCarty, President of ESET North America. “Today’s platform release represents a major step forward for ESET in the MSP segment. Cris is a recognized veteran in the space, and with his strong leadership I am confident that we will continue to expand our support for MSPs across the country.” 

“ESET has tremendous opportunity to break through in North America – backed by new leadership, investment in innovation, and commitment to a channel-first business model,” said Martinez. “ESET’s prevention technology is the most densely multilayered and effective in the industry, as proven in industry tests. When combined with a formidable research team – based around the world, ESET’s ecosystem arms our channel partners with the latest intelligence, resources and active protection against never-before-seen threats.” 

To read more about the ESET PROTECT Platform and recent investments, visit here.