Harry is joined by Michael Jenkins from down under who has been hit with a double whammy( from the great fires to the Corvid pandemic).  Michael opens up and shares the economic effects of the pandemic and recent activities.  At first they saw huge revenue increases with the support of people working from home. 

By Gary Audin

No matter how smart the technologist, there always seems to be a forgotten element or an assumption that does not work when responding to a disaster. The disaster planning stories I have collected demonstrate that the best laid plans are not necessarily good enough.

Harry is joined by Josh Liberman to discuss life in a virtual world.  Anyone who runs a MSP knows that you are busiest when it is slowest.  Between virtual learning through virtual conferences, webinar, podcast, drumming up new business, and staying on top of current clients MSPs are busy.  Harry and Josh go onto to talk about getting back together in person hopefully in the near future to get back to human networking, and shaking hands.     Watch Harry and Josh and learn about life in a virtual world. 


Josh L

I want my LinkedIn back!  I’m a traditional LinkedIn fan boy for a number of reasons and have watched it mature in mostly favorable ways since it was acquired by Microsoft and become less of a jobs site and more of a business networking platform.

Alex Fields joins Harry Brelsford to chat about a book he was featured in “Winning as a Team”.  Alex talks about driving Teams adoption in your organization, helping get the most out of the Teams  tools, and how best to use the tools with in Teams.

Harry is joined by Michael Fraser to discuss higher education and its benefits.  Its been one year since Michael graduated with his masters degree, and he explains the pros and cons of higher education and how it has helped him win contracts through the government. 

The RSPA has done research by speaking with their solution provider members regarding the pandemic and how it is effecting their business.  After extensive exploration they found that successful businesses who are weathering this storm have the following 7 attributes:

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