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With Microsoft 365, you can collaborate with anyone, anywhere.  Alex Fields shares with us his whole kit and caboodle which is a comprehensive publication on migrations from a traditional Windows Server Active Directory environment to Microsoft 365, configuration guides, and other things including a comprehensive checklist. 

Learn more about implementing the materials to better configure your Microsoft 365 tenant, to give it some governance, a little bit better security, and compliance.

Alex Fields 05.19.2021

Video Transcription:

Harry Brelsford  0:03 

Hey Nation Nation, Harry here back with Alex Fields. And Alex Fields is back in the Minneapolis area. Last time we interviewed you, you were down in wonderful, lovely New Mexico. Really cool. Sounds like you had a nice little respite down in the New Mexico area. Is that fair?

Alex Fields  0:22 

It is. It's fair. Yes. It was two months of just pure awesome. It was great to get out. Cold, Minnesota winter, and and hide out in the southwest for a little while. Yeah.

Harry Brelsford  0:35 

Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I resemble that on so many levels. But hey, I want to talk about one of our analysts earlier today. So Josh Weiss out of LA Creative and obviously Southern Cal, who's a real go getter, and he was singing the praises of he bought your kits. And he was starting to go on and on about that thing and our little monthly check in. And so first of all, you're at market. So So what is the kit? And I'm glad? I'm glad you're doing well, I'm glad people like it.

Alex Fields  1:09 

Oh, yeah. So I'm assuming he's referring to the written materials that I have called the Microsoft 365 best practices, checklists. And there's a there's a kit that I have called, I call it the whole kit and caboodle because I have a lot of different writings on Microsoft 365 that I've developed, including my migration and Configuration Guide, which we've talked about before, and some other things, but these checklists are what people, you know, they really love it. And I'm not surprised to hear that, because I get a lot of good feedback on that all the time. Yeah, and so basically, you know, it's, it's a, it's a collection of spreadsheets, as well as scripts, and some written material about how to implement them to basically, you know, better configure your Microsoft 365 tenant, to give it some governance to give it a little bit better security, and compliance, and so on. So that is, you know, available on my website. So if you're on, you can just click on the best practices. And I'll have a link to the gumroad store, right at the top of the page there. So that's what he's probably referring to, I have another sort of kit, which has courses that I'm, they're not, they're live courses. So it's a little different than, you know, your traditional, like, go to Udemy and buy a pre recorded course.

Harry Brelsford  2:33 


Alex Fields  2:33 

So I'm tip like, all during this whole year of 2021, I'm going to be doing, you know, basically live presentations and going through some of those materials, and also allowing, you know, for questions and answers, and so on. So those were, you know, successful enough to basically spin off this whole series. So I do one a month. And the next couple months, we're talking about migration, and the considerations for migrating data are properly into the cloud. So yeah, cool.

Harry Brelsford  3:05 

Yeah, I'm here on the page. That's the typing here, folks on monitor number two. So it looks like if I got this right up on your your marketplace, the whole kit and caboodle love that branding, by the way, that's pretty cool. So it's $189 and it says it suggests the whole kit and caboodle. Sure, no, that's cool. And it looks like you have almost a boy it goes far to say some really thoughtful infographics. You You put some time in on this art infographic what have you, but I love I love those things. What's next what's what's next he got the live courses but are you know, you're you're always kind of one step ahead of the industry. So what what's next man got to move to New Mexico. How about that?

Alex Fields  3:57 

Well, I will be moving to New Mexico. Yes. I'm working right now to this live course thing has been fairly successful. I was actually surprised how much people engaged and then I'm, I've also kind of put out some feedback forms because I'm always trying to get better. So I'm like, Okay, what else can I you know, what else can I do? What what are the things I'm doing well, or things I'm not doing? Well, and I've so far only gotten five star reviews. So it hasn't been that helpful to me. So basically, I mean, it's a bad problem. That is not a bad problem to have, I guess. But I'm going to be doing a couple of courses on cybersecurity, because that's one of the topics that I hear about the most. It's It's It's really like how do we take cybersecurity to the next level and then people understand the kind understand get that there's a lot more in the Microsoft Word world Microsoft 365 products they already have. And they're like, can we can we displace like our traditional antivirus? Can we display some of these other tools and start to consolidate? And I think the answer is yes, but it's not very well understood how that happens and what that looks like and where we're at today, and we're I think we're going to be, you know, in a couple of years from now with some of the developments coming on Redmond. So I'm going to go through all of that and that's going to be this summer so I'm going to put something out. I don't have it all together yet, but this summer I'm going to have a, like a cybersecurity summer extravaganza or something. I don't know. I'll come up with a name for it. I don't know.

Harry Brelsford  5:20 

Yeah, yeah. No, keep it creative. Alright, my friend will talk to you next month. Thank you. Thank you for participating with us.

Alex Fields  5:28