Sponsored Post: IT Assessments – Not Just For New Business

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By Bob Vogel, B2 Marketing

Erick SimpsonMy friend and true IT guru, Erick Simpson, has been talking a lot recently about the

value and incredible importance of IT Assessments as a strategic tool for any IT service provider, consultant or MSP.

As a marketing guy, for over a year now I’ve been beating the drum about the use of IT Assessments to generate new business.

What offer could be better or more compelling than to walk into a prospect and perform a professional and independent inspection and evaluation of the network and computing environment?

But Erick also deals on the operational side of running IT service businesses, and he believes that there is an important role for performing regular IT assessments throughout the life of your client engagements.

He offered up his thoughts in a super informative educational session on this topic sponsored by RapidFire Tools, and I think you’ll find the content to be really valuable.

In addition to that, during the event he offered up a free copy of his New Client Onboarding check list and his Quarterly Business Review agenda – both of which are associated with performing IT assessments for your existing customers.

Here’s the link to view the educational webinar, and also to download both of the documents.