Sponsored Post: Reselling Cloud Backup Services: A Huge Opportunity for VARs in 2013

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CarboniteBy David Hauser, Carbonite

The cloud is growing – and fast! According to technology research firm Gartner, by the end of 2013,

the size of the cloud computing marketing will be at $150 billion. That’s why now is the time to make sure your reseller business is set to grow with the cloud.

As the world becomes increasingly more connected through the use of laptops, tablets and smartphones, the desire to back up and access the content of these devices online has skyrocketed. Instead of using unreliable and antiquated backup methods – like CDs, zip drives and external hard drives – people are turning to the cloud for automated and affordable, secure offsite backup. Cloud backup allows users to enhance efficiencies, cut costs and most importantly, free themselves from physical devices.

To remain successful as a VAR, your business offerings must include the most relevant, leading-edge technologies. Cloud backup solutions – like those offered by Carbonite – are the perfect entry point into cloud services; they’re easy to sell and even easier to manage. In Carbonite’s latest whitepaper, “Reach for the Clouds: Backup as an entry point to sell cloud services” (February, 2013), Resellers are given tips about how to build their business with the cloud. “By giving existing and new customers a positive first experience with online backup, you will be in a position to offer them more cloud services and expand your business.”, says Carbonite.

By incorporating cloud services – such as cloud backup – into your existing offerings, your clients will recognize your commitment to providing robust, innovative solutions. Furthermore, the cloud allows more freedom for relationship building, new client acquisition and strategic management. In turn, your reputation will grow, as will your business. If you’re interested in learning more about Carbonite’s Reseller Program, please contact the Reseller Team by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by phone at 877-391-4759.

David Hauser is Channel Director at Carbonite, a leading cloud backup service provider.