Sponsored Post: Powerful PC management with Soluto

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Soluto2With Soluto for business you can easily manage and support PCs over the web. Designed specifically for small businesses IT and

IT providers, Soluto offers a PC management tool at a disruptive price, starting at $8.33 per month for up to 10 PCs!

You’ll get:

Proactive support: Soluto notifies you when there’s a problem, with actionable email alerts allowing you to remedy the issue from any PC, laptop or smartphone saving time and reducing frustrations. You can also remote access the PCs anytime in case you need to.

Offline cloud-based service: take actions on PCs even when they are shut down. These actions will be stored to take place when the PC powers on again and when it’s idle so it won't disturb the person using the PC. It's like magic!

Designed for people on both sides: Soluto helps the people you support understand your work better and appreciate you more.

Insights and reports: get insights into the PCs you support with Soluto’s asset management and activity reports, giving you visibility to whatever happens on the PCs you're managing.

Try it for free, it’s easy and takes minutes to set up, and once you'll fall in love with it - you can upgrade to one of our premium plans and pay less than anything else on the market.