harmon.ie report reveals Microsoft Mobile Cloud opportunities and challenges

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Accepting cloud technology seems to still be up in the air for Microsoft partners and their customers, according to results from a harmon.ie report released

today, “Transitioning to the Mobile Cloud: Microsoft Office 365 Opportunities and Challenges for Microsoft Ecosystem Partners.”

Office 365 continues to gain momentum, harmon.ie found, yet no service offered by the partners included in the report was expected to contribute more than 25 percent of overall revenue.

“We are at a tipping point as an industry. There is no doubt that businesses are moving to Microsoft Office 365, but on-premises is certainly not going away,” harmon.ie CEO Yaacov Cohen said. “Although the mobile-first, cloud-first era is still in its infancy, now is the time for partners to craft services and solutions to ease their customers’ migration concerns while driving immediate business agility and CAPEX savings. As the market matures, partners will face multiple opportunities to gain critical new skillsets and build a recurring cloud-based revenue stream.”

Email is leading the cloud charge, but lingering security and migration concerns are preventing gains in cloud use businesswide.

More than 190 Microsoft partners participated in development of the report, available in full here.