Nationwide Hour of Code: Update


codeSMB Nation’s own Harrybbb encouraged our community to participate in this year’s Computer Science Education Week, which ran Dec 9-13. We received a

report last week from our contact at Microsoft Voices for Innovation (VFI) that this year’s Hour of Code event was the largest yet.

In fact, we were told by Jonathan Friebert that the 2013 Hour of Code, as part of the Computer Science Education Week, was the largest single educational event in US History, with 17.9 million students writing over 594 million lines of code between December 9 and 13. The goal of this Hour of Code program was to foster 21st century computer science education in our school, and hopefully encourage youths to pursue technology-related careers.

At SMB Nation, Harry hosted two Hours of Code, one for our community, and one at his youngest son’s school.

For more information about the Hour of Code program, visit the site here.