WatchGuard Security Releases 2014 Security Predictions


WatchGuardWatchGuard recently released an infographic detailing its top eight security predictions for 2014. Chief among the predictions was the vulnerability of, primarily

due to the large amount of code processed per day combined with the expected number of new site visitors/signups in 2014.

The remaining predictions, according to WatchGuard, are:

  • Emergence of copycat Cryptolockers, a form of ransomware used in 2013 that targeted SMB organizations.
  • “Hollywood Movie”-style hacks that will target major infrastructure, such as power/water/etc. WatchGuard explained that there were 198 attempts in 2012, and that there have been 25 major vulnerabilities found in critical infrastructures this year.
  • Greater instances of attack on the Internet of Things, where cybercriminals will focus less on traditional devices and more on toys, cars, etc. as points of attack.
  • WatchGuard also expects an increase in the number of attacks on contractors and partners associated with Fortune 500 companies, via Chain-of-Trust hacks.
  • Increased sophistication of malware, particularly Trojans, viruses, worms.
  • Attacks are also expected to become more psychological, targeting “weak-link” users via pop culture references and phishing e-mails.
  • WatchGuard is predicting that 2014 will be the year of Security Visibility, in which more companies will deploy security visibility solutions to gain better insight into security vulnerabilities.

To view the infographic and to learn more about WatchGuard’s eight security predictions, please visit the site here.