Let Tablets do the Heavy Lifting for Your Small Business


Intel 6.20.2014The volume of work that comes with running a small business is enough to keep anyone busy for a lifetime. So when it

comes to the technology that powers a small business, it needs to enable productivity without any user coaxing or coercion. For many, a tablet could prove the simple solution to a lot of complex problems. Tablets with Intel® Core™ and Intel® Atom™ processors have the performance and compatibility to power productivity, with the functionality that will allow for a simplified and satisfying user experience.

Tablets perform at the pace of business, at a speed that will keep up with even your busiest days. Multitasking on an Intel-powered device is made easy with a smoother web experience and fewer web errors. The device is Adobe, HTML5, and Java capable, compatible with multiple browsers, and gives you the choice of preferred operating system. You can open, edit, save, and share Microsoft* Office files up to 7x faster, connect with current devices and peripherals already in place, and update the device only when you authorize it to do so. No unexpected restarts, no jumpy web browsing, no switching devices depending on the task at hand.

Intel-powered small business tablets are also incredibly secure so you’ll never have to worry about your proprietary information falling into the wrong hands. At boot-up, all malware is blocked, embedded identity protection is enabled, and faster encryption technology means you’ll stay safe as you continue working. You can work confidently and fearlessly knowing that the device in your hands is always ensuring your security.

There’s a reason why Intel is the #1 choice for tablet processors. See the multitasking, efficiency, security, and other features and benefits of small business tablets with Intel® Core™ and Intel® Atom™ processors, and know that you have a device that’s ready to do business.

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