Right from the Red Book!


SteaklunchThe sophisticated life learners in the SMB Nation community reading this will understand my reference to “The Ultimate Sales Machine” by Chet Holmes

(PORTFOLIO). We used it in our Pocket MBA program and it’s about 12 key sales strategies. It’s affectionately known as the Red Book. One of these strategies is the steak lunch-and-learn. And that’s where eFolder, a multi-facetted cloud service provider, kicks in.

This past week, myself and Marianne attended Anchor’s VIP Cloud File Sync lunch at Morton’s Steakhouse in Seattle. Anchor is wholly-owned by eFolder. This report isn’t about the Anchor speeds, feeds and special offers. Rather – it’s about the Red Book approach to client acquisition. Bryan Forrester, VPO and GM at Anchor, denies reading the red book, so he independently arrived at one of the most effective customer acquisition models known to man: FOOD.

Over the course of nearly 90-minutes, myself and Marianne Poulos were treated to top-shelf steak and accompaniments, plus a professional product and service presentation. The event ended with a call-to-action for the MSPs in the room to sign-up for the “special offer” of the day from Anchor.

So here is that I suggest. Attend the efolder VIP Lunch-and-Learn briefings described here for three reasons. First, you can learn what the eFolder offerings are. Second, you can get a free steak lunch – first class. Third, you can learn how to replicate such a lunch yourself in your community to acquire new customers.