GDPR – the New HIPAA and Much More (Hint: May 2018)

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Coming to a client near you in mid-May 2018 is the European Union’s GDPR requirement. As you well know, this is an enormous opportunity for MSPs. And not just for European companies—it impacts any company that stores information on individuals who might be based in one of the European Union countries, even data for marketing purposes. This panel will be led by Harry (who has actually filled out a GDPR compliance document – OMG!) and we’re bringing back the ever popular Mike Semel (Mr. HIPAA).

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to spell GDPR. Seriously – if you feel you hit the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) late about eight years ago, discovered HIPAA as a great opportunity, then you must attend. GDPR is the next great thing in MSP land.



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