Do you know about Internet Presence Management?

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Pronto newsletter 5.27Thanks to the spread of IT into our homes, offices and pockets, we're all fluent in what was once considered "geek” speak -

hard drive, RAM, WiFi, backups and bytes are now everyday words.

But what is Internet Presence Management (IPM)?

Well simply put, IPM sums up everything your SMB is doing online. If your IT firm has a website, then it has an internet presence - even if it is just a single page site with a number and a list of services.

But Internet Presence goes far beyond websites. It's about how you're being found by people looking for products and services using Google or one of the other search engines. It takes in social media like Facebook and Twitter, where people give reviews, likes and links.

Proper management of your SMB's Internet presence determines if you're attracting new customers. Firstly, you need a welcoming website with a sleek design and engaging copy that reflects your professional approach to your work.

And you need customers to find you. People seek out IT services online so you need to stand out and be noticed. Search Engine Optimization helps you rank highly on Google and Yahoo while Social Media helps to spreading the word. Analytics can even let you know how well your site is working, so you can fine-tune your marketing.

But all this takes time. That's why many small businesses leave their IPM to experts and just get on with looking after clients. Pronto Marketing's one such IPM company that has helped nearly a thousand SMBs to improve their online image and services. Perhaps they can do the same for you!

Let Pronto give you a free review of your website’s effectiveness show how you stack up to the competition.