How To Make More Money From Your Existing Clients

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bob vogel augustBy Bob Vogel, B2 Marketing

I’m a high tech marketing guy, and make a living generating leads, awareness and interest for IT products

and services.

So, more than most, I know how hard it is for most IT Service companies to land new clients. That’s why it’s so important to make the most of the clients you have.

Noted IT services guru Erick Simpson has teamed up with RapidFire Tools to show IT service pros how to make more money with their existing clients. They’re offering up a free training video plus valuable documents that you can also download for free by clicking here.

As an IT service provider, you have two ways to grow your clients. The first is to provide your clients with the technology they need to give them a significant advantage over their competition. If you can help your clients do things better, faster, or less expensively than the other guy, they will grow and so will their need for your services.

The second way to get more out of your clients – even if they, themselves, are not growing and adding staff – is to continually expand the scope of your services.

By outsourcing their IT management needs to you, your clients will save money in reduced staffing costs, and realize improved efficiency with the staff they need to run their businesses.

In his instructional video, Erick Simpson talks about three kinds of clients: (1) Technology Strategic Clients, who view technology spending as an investment; (2) Technology Dependent Clients, who know they need it, so reluctantly embrace it; and (3) Technology Adverse Clients, who fear technology and are generally unwilling and unlikely to change in that outlook.

Erick explains how to identify what kind of clients you have, and what types of clients your prospects will be, and gives you the prescription for dealing with each.

Click here to visit the web page with links to watch the video, download a sample Agenda for a typical Quarterly Business Review, plus a free New Client Onboarding check list.

You’ll learn how to use IT Assessments throughout the client lifecycle – for Quarterly Business Reviews, to improve change management, to build strategic value, and to expand your customer relationships.