HIPAA “By The Numbers” – It All Adds Up To Opportunity

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hipaaBy Bob Vogel, B2 Marketing

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is one of the most sweeping regulatory mandates in

the history of IT. It applies to literally millions of businesses and healthcare organizations, and impacts every IT service company – including yours – either directly or indirectly.

That’s why you need to understand the real risks of ignoring HIPAA, and huge opportunities that exist when you make it a part of your offerings.

To help you understand the impact of the regulations, noted compliance expert and consultant Mike Semel has put together a nifty compendium of facts and figures he calls, “HIPAA by the numbers.” Here are a few of the more juicy ones to whet your appetite for more:

  • 31% of all health care organizations have reported a data breach
  • 74% of health care organizations are not encrypting data on mobile medical devices.
  • 57% of health care providers do not have an accurate inventory of employee and patient personal data.
  • 17,000 patient records on average are breached every day.
  • 700,000 health care providers and payers are covered by HIPAA
  • 3 million business associates of Covered Entities required to maintain HIPAA compliance.

If you are intrigued by these numbers, you can learn more in an information-packed 10-minute HIPAA Overview video that Mike Semel produced for RapidFire Tools, makers of the super-popular Network Detective HIPAA Compliance tool.

In the video, Semel explains the regulations, what they cover, who they cover, what your risks are of doing nothing, and what huge opportunities are sitting out there for you – probably even from your existing clients.

And, if you want to jump way head of the curve in less than a day, you’re a candidate for Semel Consulting’s On-Demand HIPAA Workshop. You get the same content as those who attended the three two-hour live sessions, plus a ton of compliance materials and even a few hours of private one-on-one consulting with Mike.

Then, when you’re ready to start offering your own HIPAA Risk Analyses, head on over to the RapidFire Tools web site and check out their tool. The HIPAA Compliance module is unique in that it combines automated data collection with information you collect through client interviews and observation. The tool then combines and organizes all that data and automatically generates for you a complete HIPAA Risk Assessment score card, along with an entire set of branded HIPAA documents required to make your clients compliant.