Bob Nitrio Explains: Mobile Apps - A Great Opportunity

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By Bob Nitrio, CEO, Ranvest Associates

In January of this year we completed an historic shift in Internet use. For the first time, Internet access

via mobile devices exceeded that from desktop PCs. This trend toward mobile Internet consumption has huge implications for us and for our clients. Those businesses that are able to adapt to this change quickly will have a competitive advantage over those companies that lag behind. At the same time, they can remain in front of their clients and potential customers by being available to them on the devices they are using with greater frequency as their preferred tool for communication and work. Think of it as fishing where the fish are.

At the recently concluded SMB Nation Fall event, Harry and his staff unveiled their new mobile app – TwoVie Hub from LogicTree IT Solutions Inc. TwoVie is a two-way communication platform that is ported to all three mobile OSs – Android, Apple and Windows. It is a hosted service that provides much more than a typical mobile app because it is adaptable to almost any business or group. Whereas custom mobile apps are expensive and time-consuming to develop and deploy, TwoVie can be branded and deployed in a matter of a few days with rapid publication of the app in the various stores.

The really great news is that it is very affordable – just $1,699 per year – and it provides a recurring revenue model that creates an on-going engagement with clients who adopt it. I recognized the power of this opportunity early on and as a result I have partnered with LogicTree to bring this to the SMB Nation tribe. Check out the recorded TwoVie webinar at and see how you can be the mobile app thought leader for your clients. It’s a blue ocean out there. Are you ready to go fishing?