“Timing is everything”

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attachedapps animated file Jan 17 2015How often have you heard that phrase? More importantly, how often has it been immediately relevant to you and your business? Well,

if you are selling into the SMB customer segment, it’s very relevant to you…now!

That’s because this is the time of year that a lot of smaller companies conduct an assessment of their business and decide to make improvements. This includes getting better at organizing their information, cutting costs, streamlining operations, and many more aspects of their business that IT partners can help with. In fact, data shows that purchases of new computers and software by SMBs is typically highest in the first 3-4 months of the calendar year.

A great example is a business owner decides to send a New Year update to all of her current and prospective customers, and realizes that the spreadsheet she has been using to track contacts has not been updated throughout the year. She knows she needs a better way to track contacts, but doesn’t want to go through the time and expense necessary to deploy a full CRM product. Our friends at attachedapps have a great solution for her. Their products enable SMBs to track, share and sync contacts, track sales, and grow customers using simple yet powerful apps that integrate tightly with Office 365 and Outlook. This enables customers the ability to improve their customer management processes very easily and inexpensively, and to add functionality when they are ready.

Even better, the attachedapps team is taking a very partner-centric approach to selling their apps. This means that partners like you can benefit from things like very generous referral fees and customization capabilities, while also building additional services around their apps.

You should check out attachedapps…now! The clock is running for you to take advantage of this peak SMB buying season. www.attachedapps.com/partners