Grabbing the Low Hanging Fruit

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As a channel partner, you are probably always on the lookout for anything that will bring you additional revenue, a competitive edge, and enhanced relationships

with your customers. If you are taking advantage of the move to cloud computing that’s sweeping the SMB world, you want products that fit into the cloud-based paradigm. The challenge is finding products that are easy to sell, easy to learn, and provide real value to your customers while complimenting what you are already selling. In other words, you are looking for the low-hanging fruit that you know is out there.

Consider this. All companies have contacts that they need to manage. The problem is that most SMB customers don’t want or need the cost and complexity of CRM products, so they wind up using something like Excel to keep track contacts. In fact, Excel and Outlook are the top two products that SMBs say they use to manage their customers. That’s the low hanging fruit you’ve been looking for, and attachedapps is a great solution to help you pick it.

attachedapps are a set of cloud-based apps that enable customers to perform some very critical functions, with a very simple set of tools. The first app, attachedContacts, easily enables a business to track their customers. It also does something very unique: it allows customers to decide which Outlook contacts they want to share with others in the company, and then keep those contacts in sync whenever anyone makes a change. We haven’t seen that functionality in any product, including some of the most advanced CRM products on the market. attachedContacts is free for up to 99 users, and is designed to easily “attach” to every copy of Office 365 that you sell or support. This means you can quickly add real value for your customers with apps that are very easy to use, and with minimal sales and training on your part. Plus, they have a very partner-centric sales model enabling you to earn revenue, get leads, and access a wide variety of sales and training tools. You should check them out: