Harry Brelsford of SMB Nation chats with Stefan Voss at the N-able Empower conference about Cove Data Protection.  Backup is essential, but it’s only the start. True data protection requires a cloud-first solution for today’s cloud-first world. With ransomware threats looming, you need more than cloud tacked onto the same-old image backup . 

Harry Brelsford of SMB Nation meets up with Michael Cullen and David Weeks at the N-able Empower Conference in Las Vegas to chat about what is coming out of the conference.   From Cloud adoption to recession proofing and learning from others, this conference covered the gamut of ways to grow and succeed. 


Harry Brelsford of SMB Nation sits down with John Pagliuca at N-able’s Empower conference in Las Vegas to discuss the recession.  John Pagliuca doesn’t believe that anything is recession proof, however,  he does believe the MSP industry is recession resilient. 

As a business owner you face many risks from property damages and injuries to loss of product and much more.  But did you know your business also faces risk when it comes to using technology.  With the rate in security hacks, breaches, and cyber-attacks, the risk of  data loss has increase exponentially causing businesses to lose money every day.  To protect against those risks many businesses are adding cyber insurance to their portfolio of insurance coverages. 

In 2022 we have seen more events returning to in person as more and more people feel comfortable gathering indoors with large groups of individuals.  This is great to hear,  as events provide the opportunity to network, stay up to date on the latest trends and educations, build your brand and finding new business.  With networking being critical to your career and professional development, it is important to identify the kinds of networking events you want to attend. 

In the past few years, mergers and acquisition (M&A) activity has continued to increase across many industries.In this video, Harry Brelsford of SMB Nation sits down with Nicholas Ashford to discuss all things acquisitions.  They discuss the 3 stages of MSP Acquisitions, recurring revenue, how investors value MSP Business and get their return on investment, and what to expect during and post-acquisition.  



If you are a Cloud Consultant, tech reseller or tech consultant who is looking for inspiration, motivation and education to scale your Cloud Consulting business – you should be listening to The Accelerate Sales Podcast with Paul Higgins. 

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