Don’t Get Stuck in the Past, 2 in 1 Devices are the Computers of Today


moderntour 3Small businesses have to be more agile than ever, often working outside any sort of traditional office and meeting with clients, vendors, and

others over the course of a single day. So, are you working like it’s still five years ago?

In years past, before tablets and other mobile devices became mainstream, taking the time to set up a laptop in order to play a non-interactive presentation wouldn’t be considered outside the ordinary. But today, customers of all kinds expect a seamless, polished way of viewing presentations and other business materials.

2 in 1 devices running Windows* 8 Pro are especially equipped for both customer facing tasks and everyday business needs. 2 in 1 devices act like a tablet when viewing documents and presentations that need to be shown to others or completing quick tasks like email and social updates, but can also work like a notebook with a keyboard for more labor-intensive projects.

Don’t be stuck in the past due to yesterday’s technology. Today’s highly competitive marketplace demands small businesses be able to stand out, and 2 in 1 devices can help ensure your staff is able to be productive in the office or in the field.

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