SMB TechFest names Vubiq Networks best solution

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Vubiq Networks announced today its HaulPass V60 Gigabit Ethernet wireless connectivity system was voted “Best Solution” at SMB TechFest.

Haulpass V60 uses

the license-free 60 GHz millimeter wave radio band and supports connections to line-of-sight destinations. Consumers can combine multiple systems to span larger distances, such as business headquarters or college campuses.

“Our attendees were very impressed with the HaulPass V60 wireless technology,” said Dave Seibert, SMB TechFest co-founder and CIO of IT Innovators. “The product provides an easy, cost-effective way for companies, network operators, solution providers, and mobile carriers to extend their high-speed networks in situations that would otherwise be impossible or cost prohibitive.”

SMB TechFest showcases new IT technology developments quarterly in California.