Autopilot Announces Multi-Channel Marketing Platform

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autopilotAfter four weeks of beta testing, Autopilot announced today a multi-channel marketing platform designed to help companies automate customer touchpoints and create

personalized buyer experiences in online, offline and mobile channels.

Digital marketing is currently divided between email software solutions and marketing automation solutions, a division that makes solutions inaccessible or ineffective for marketers and their consumers.

"There is a clear gap in the market- between the basic email software that's loved by millions, and the high-end automation solutions that the tech elite uses to achieve superhuman results. Our goal is to level the playing field - Autopilot is easy enough that anyone can use it, affordable enough that any owner can buy it, and powerful enough that any company can get value immediately and grow with confidence," CEO Mike Sharkey said.

Autopilot’s platform integrates cloud technologies through partnerships with Salesforce, GoodData, Segment, Twilio, InsideView and Lob.

Autopilot offers a self-service free trial for marketing automation, and pricing starts at $4 per month for up to 500 contacts.