Constant Contact Data Reveals New Information about SMB Email Marketing Success

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constant contactConstant Contact, Inc. recently announced the results of a report on what makes SMBs respond to email marketing. The company watched the traffic

of 2.1 million emails, all sent to 100+ people, over the last 13 weeks, and found a sweet spot of images and text to increase overall click-through-rate (CTR).

“Click-through rates are perhaps the truest measurement of the quality of an email’s content and its effectiveness as a marketing tool,” said Christopher M. Litster, senior vice president, sales and marketing at Constant Contact. “Regardless of industry or customer base, click-through rates convey how often you are able to get your email subscribers to go where you want them to go and complete your call-to-action. This new research is a big step forward in helping small businesses craft email content that will result in even more successful campaigns going forward.”

Constant Contact found that emails with three or fewer images, and a max of 20 lines of text have the highest CTR. On the for-profit side, service companies saw the highest CTR in emails with between 13-16 lines of text. Constant Contact reps said they believe this trend of short and sweet emails is directly tied to the rise of mobile devices as the primary medium for people reading email.