Vera Announces Office 365 Data Protection Solution

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Vera introduced today data protection for Office 365 designed to allow users to secure and track attachments through O365, Outlook and OneDrive for Business.

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“Organizations are moving their most important tools to the cloud and enabling employees with more social, collaborative, and mobile-friendly solutions. But they lack the ability to protect files when they travel outside the corporate perimeter,” said Prakash Linga, CTO of Vera. “The most common way people share files today is through email or popular cloud storage services. The problem is that once you send an attachment or link, you’ve lost all control. Vera makes securing a file with Office 365, or even revoking access, as simple as clicking ‘Send,’ or hitting ‘Reply All’. We’ve built a recall button that actually works.”

Solution users will be able to attach security to the data in the file upon its creation, giving them the ability to immediately adjust or revoke access to documents as needed.