There’s a newly discovered Linux worm out, according to a new blog post published by Symantec. Right now, the worm appears to be affecting only x86

SMB Nation members know that we like research and consdier ourselves to be data driven. We’ve represented past survey findings from Spiceworks that end to focus on technology product stacks and IT Pros. We can know but Datto in that rare category of conducting primary research.

It’s easy to get myopic and focused on our own MSP and family stuff as end-of-year and the Holiday Season approach. Time somehow speeds up between Thanksgiving and New Years. Don’t be fooled though – a lot of supporting actors are working hard right here, right now.

Longtime SMB Nation supporter, SherWeb, well-known cloud services provider has come to market with a new twist on Office 365. SherWeb’s offer includes security, backup and eLearning training add-ons with selected Office 365 plans, for the same price as its regular Office 365 plans.

This week we focus a Veeam - a deidcated community sponsor who get's SMB Nation! Here are seven ways to leave your lover and come over to Veeam! 

01 - Availability vs. Legacy Backup
Veeam is a solution that was specifically designed for the modern, highly virtualized hybrid cloud world. It allows you to meet aggressive SLAs for IT service recovery that can be measured in seconds and minutes versus the hours and days often required by legacy technologies.According to the 2017 Veeam Availability Report, Veeam customers meet their recovery time and point objective (RTPO™) SLAs 90% of the time compared to only 69% with their previous legacy provider. Veeam was built to manage the amount of data found in the data center of today — not the ones of yesteryear.


Story by Harry Brelsford, CEO, SMB Nation - Where to begin. Early on, I was the “business kid” in grade school through high school. That continues to today with my continued pursuit for work that marries business and technology. And of how it’s changed from my first Apple II+ with a Hayes 14.4k modem connecting from my college apartment to a centralized VAX computer. Or has it really changed? In this blog, I’ll explore Work 3.0. and point you to some amazing resources.

Story by Harry Brelsford, CEO, SMB Nation -

SMB Nation recently turned 16-years old and we wanted to wait until the holidays to share

Story by Harry Brelsford, CEO, SMB Nation -

Just a few years ago, the predictive analytics market (often joined at the hip with the

Story by Harry Brelsford, CEO. SMB Nation -

Last week I painted the IoT picture and enjoyed fantastic feedback. This week I share insights