What’s Caroline Up To?

Analytics/ Analysis

Former Microsoft executive Caroline Goles at a recent industry conference hosted by Pax8 in Denver. Highlights from the interview include:

  • Partner relations and cloud technology.
  • Career progression and industry experience.
  • Aligning sales and marketing strategies for partnership success.
  • Partner needs and marketing services.

Watch the interview HERE


Harry Brelsford  00:02

All right, hey, nation nation. I'm with longtime friend, Carolyn Goles. What are a couple career highlights?

Caroline Goles  00:38

So I was in Asia Pacific with my friend Chris Sharp, working on getting partners to understand this, this cloud thing we were doing back in the day, went to Japan and did a tour leading our Microsoft 365 business over in Japan, which was an incredible experience, came back and then I came back through our marketing team did a little bit of a launch around our bespoke offerings in Microsoft 365, for SMB, and I think that's where you and I were.

Harry Brelsford  01:08

That's where that's where we work together. So you're recently joined Pax8. How long have you been here?

Caroline Goles  01:15

Because it's been 18 months. Whoa, I know, time flies when you're having fun. So it's been great.

Harry Brelsford  01:20

And I've tracked your career. And here's what I like, you know, you you got the undergrad and I'm a little picky about you know, what an executive should be, but you got the undergrad, you got the grad degree from prestigious schools, you have overseas experience. So that'll coalesces. And I come My family comes from the oil industry. And that's what they look for it like you got to do a tour of duty in Venezuela.

Caroline Goles  01:41

Indeed, that that is very true. That is and by the way, good stories, those are those oil, people that travel around the world. They've got great stories, yeah.

Harry Brelsford  01:47

then they go on to run Exxon, right. That's how the game is played. So you started here at Pax8, and then you're promoted to the CMO position. Congratulations. So walk me through that journey. What was your initial role? Obviously, you have broad ranging responsibilities today.

Caroline Goles  02:04

Yes, well, thank you for that. So I came in to Pax8, while I was talking to Pax8 for a while just looking for a new challenge and you know, refresh your career and all that. And I think where we coalesce around to is, obviously you see it beyond, we're trying to, we've grown fast, and we're trying to calibrate and really fine tune our sales and marketing go to market in this marketplace vision into reality for our partners, and a lot of that what you'll hear us around data, and the common surface area,

been doing a lot of connected sales and marketing and you know, sort of, you know, weaponizing data, if you will, with machine learning, okay for people either for our for corporate accounts folks in in Microsoft. And so we are talking about how that works, how do you build this sort of continuous loop of sales and marketing came in with sales strategy roll and really started working on kind of pulling that data together. So that is marketing sees opportunities, our customers or partners are signaling, we can hand that off and have a really good engagement with our sales and marketers. So when I say my team's goal is is always one of the the cams, their partners should be, should be wandering on the placing, my cameras wander around the building, just shouting about me, because everything that shows up is aligned to my goals, and my mission as a partner. And so that in marketing is what we're able to do. So a few months ago, we really decided to, you know, evolve and coalesce our marketing. So we had disparate bits, we had a field marketing team, we had a corporate communications, we had marketing and sales strategy. So I had been truly honored to take on that role and bring these teams together. And we have an incredible group of very talented marketers. And we're just we're looking forward this week to learning what partners need. We've got toward over 20,000 partners across the globe. And so as you and I know, partners in Indonesia, a little different than partners in India. So we're we're trying to take a very beginner's mind and in learning what they need and how we can evolve our marketing services to support them.

Harry Brelsford  03:46

Yeah. And finally, what's what's next. I mean, I know you, because you post Thank you post photos of you running in Kirkland, Washington near Microsoft. Are you going to maintain to residents you commute back and forth? What's next?

Caroline Goles  04:00

Oh, I go where we're needed. So you know, I PacSafe was my job. It's whatever the business needs and partners needs. So I'm going back and forth. And we'll see I'm having so much fun attacks eight. It's the nice things I've come back to the channel a little bit and that feels like home to me. And so it's it's it's nice to be home with partners, and I'm just excited to do the work wherever I need to.

Harry Brelsford  04:18

All right, well,