Pax8 Inaugural Event LAUNCHES in Denver!

Analytics/ Analysis

The pandemic delayed Pax8 conference has launched with a bang. For a first-time event, it has an impressive 1,100+ attendees and insightful keynotes plus breakout labs.

Let’s start with Jay McBain’s 6 Trends To Watch. A couple of highlights are:

Today customers have seven (7) partners that they work with compared to

“one throat to choke” in the “old days.” These partners, all clicking down into technology in surprising ways, can include accountants and digital agencies.


McBain Pax8 Day2b

Figure 1: Jay McBain at Pax8

McBain went on the emphasize retention with a couple points including driving habit forming adoption and pursuing deep integrations. That integration includes newer younger partners. Partner opportunities followed with a new look at the influence, land and expand strategy.

One of McBain’s last points was its now about multipliers instead of margins as the new language of modern partners. For example – McBain is seeing that $1.00 spent on infrastructure creates $6.40 in new opportunities.