See Ya’ In Florida This Week!

Analytics/ Analysis

It’s that time of year to attend the HOTTEST conference in the industry right now. And I literally mean the “hottest” as CompTIA’s ChannelCon event is held in the southern latitude in the month of August (this week humid Hollywood Florida). But it is also the one conference that unabashedly brings balance between attendees and vendors. By that, I

mean it literally has an equal number of attendees and vendor employees. So breaking the old 10:1 event ratio (no more than one vendor for every ten attendees) makes this a different conference. Sure you can view the vendors like touring a petting zoo. But I’ve found it’s a vendor-to-vendor conference that allows deals to be made and old scores to be settled.

Our own Scott Cayouette is doing “mandatory booth duty” in the SMB Nation booth

and he never met a partner conference conversation he did not like, so stop by and visit my friend. Cayouette, for the purposes of this column, is a study in start over. From well-known community leader back in the SBS days, Cayouette has successfully reinvented himself as a social media maven and now drives revenue through digital marketing methods. Scott is joined by a young man who is just starting up in the IT field and will also be in the booth. The CompTIA ChannelCon show is perfect for him. I’ve seen it time after time at ChannelCon where young professionals learn what the opportunity is first before capitalizing on it. That approach is much more noble than the common path of stumbling upon IT.

Learn more about ChannelCon here and stop by the SMB Nation booth!