So you think you’re Hot? Remember GPOs in AD?

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HarryB HeadshotRecently, I hosted a weekly webinar where the topic was about Active Directory. It was a geek walk down memory lane! One of

the first books that I wrote, Active Directory Planning and Design, was written in the late 1990s, based on Windows 2000. It was a seminal work introducing Active Directory, network directory services, and even Group Policy Objects (GPOs) to the SMB IT Pro community. These were heady times, and the future was bright.

Fast-forward the movie a 12+ years, and Active Directory is now an adult we take for granted. However, it’s still a relevant technical topic. Strike that! It’s a very important SMB IT Pro topic with the removal of Small Business Server from the market where GPOs were automatically created “in the background” by wizards for you. Today you need to have fundamental knowledge about Active Directory, GPOs and the like. Case closed!

So how can you get back on the AD horse? Simple! I recommend you watch the encore edition of my AD webinar here.