New Office 365 offer: Old Dog, New Tricks

Harry's Corner

Longtime SMB Nation supporter, SherWeb, well-known cloud services provider has come to market with a new twist on Office 365. SherWeb’s offer includes security, backup and eLearning training add-ons with selected Office 365 plans, for the same price as its regular Office 365 plans.

This was previously hinted at during the recent SherWeb Accelerate conference in Montreal that was covered extensively by SMB Nation. 


Figure 1: SherWeb Accelerate 2018 

So what’s the story? The goal of the Office 365 offer is to help SherWeb managed services providers (MSP) partners address academic learning challenges and ever present security risks in Office 365, while gaining a profitable financial foothold with prospects. It offers much more flexibility and value for end customers than standard plans, and gives Managed Services Providers (MSPs) a competitive edge; creating more opportunities and boosting margins. With Office 365 at market for six plus years, I liken this to teaching an old dog new tricks. Why? The dog year calculator would suggest that Office 365 is 45-years old in human years. It’s at the age that advertisers know humans become fixed in their ways and have established brand preferences, etc. So SherWeb’s offer essentially disrupts old time MSPs using Office 365 seeking the next great thing!

“This is the new core Office 365 bundle from us,” said Jason Brown, SherWeb’s Vice President of Products. “We see this as an evolution of Office 365 for partners in adding more value and providing them with the opportunity to create new products and services, and complement their managed services business. So that they can grow and evolve with their customers’ demands.”

What SherWeb’s Office 365 Offer Includes

Office Protect, 1-click threat protection using best practice security settings. Online Backup, 1GB per user, pooled across an organization, of fast and easy backup services to safeguard critical business data. Including Office 365 mailboxes. QuickHelp, a personalized eLearning platform that increases Office 365 user adoption and productivity across an organization.

Resellers can also upgrade to the Smart Bundle for full and ongoing access to Office Protect, Online Backup and QuickHelp. The Smart Bundle allows MSPs to continue to build even more recurring monthly revenue.

By the way - SherWeb is powering the SMB Nation Small Business Saturday contest that MSPs can join and one luck winner will receive a $1,000 pre-paid AMEX card Small Business Saturday, the new SBS, is November 24, 2018. Learn more about this contest HERE