The Power of Thank You


CAVUI was contacted by Harrybbb on Tuesday evening with the news that Cavu Networks, a long-time SMB Nation Community member (and neighbor!) posted

two very nice “thank you” comments on its Facebook page. John Benjamin, Managing Director and CTO, Cavu Networks, graciously took some time out of his busy day to discuss just how far a simple “Thank you” can go.

To begin, I asked John if he felt that “thank yous” and positive comments were becoming rarer in today’s environment. He replied that he and his team actually see positive comments increasing. He attributes this to existing comments driving new customers, who then send in “thank yous” and other positive comments of their own.

But for John and his team at Cavu, this behavior goes both ways. John said that he regularly sends out “Thank you” cards to clients as a polite follow-up to a service rendered, or a helpdesk ticket solved. “I don’t want to give away the secret sauce,” John said in our interview, “but I may already have.” He has found that the polite and respectful behavior of sending a handwritten thank you goes far in earning customer loyalty.

I then asked John how these positive comments impact him and his staff. He said that overall, incoming positive comments reduce stress, improve mood and act as a confirmation of their processes. John said the he will either read the comments out loud to the team, or send them out via company e-mail.

Thank you again to John Benjamin for taking some time to speak with me today!

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