Broadview Links Cloud-Based Phone System to Salesforce, Other CRM Apps

Business Speak

BroadviewNetworks-Logo-MainBroadview Networks has launched the CRM Connector for OfficeSuite, its cloud-based business phone system. The new CRM Connector integrates OfficeSuite with and

any other TAPI-enabled (Telephony Application Programming Interface) CRM application to provide businesses with a fully integrated communications solution that improves employee efficiency and effectiveness.

OfficeSuite and CRM Connector allow sales teams to be better-equipped to respond to phone calls by having relevant information automatically displayed. The record of the person calling instantly appears on the screen, providing important account and contact information before the call is even answered.

CRM Connector integrates Salesforce and other CRM applications with OfficeSuite, providing an easy-to-use and efficient way to optimize customer interactions and track them from the time they are obtained until they close. Benefits include the following:

· Saving employees time by automatically displaying data for incoming calls.

· Improving customer satisfaction by allowing employees to quickly have the right information with every call.

· Improving productivity with the easy-to-use click-to-call feature to ensure that the correct phone number is easily called with a single mouse click.

· Improving management visibility, tracking and reporting as calls are automatically logged by contact and account.

CRM Connector is available to new and existing OfficeSuite customers. For more information, click here.