Zendesk Help Center Portal Offers Self-Service Content Tools, Customization

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Zendesk logo RGBCloud software provider Zendesk has launched Help Center, a self-service all-in-one knowledge base, community and customer portal designed. The new Help Center enables

any company to create a self-service portal that is beautiful and relevant for their customers and is as simple to create and customize as a blog.Zendesk has offered self-service options since its founding, and last year launched a mobile-optimized interface for self-service. With Help Center, Zendesk rethought and rebuilt the experience from the ground up to fit the expectations of today’s customers.

For customers, Help Center surfaces more relevant content more quickly so they can get answers in fewer steps. It features a new community section inspired by leading question-and-answer sites, where customers can participate in conversations with one another. Trending questions are highlighted to the entire community, and questions are recommended to customers based on the content they’ve viewed in past.

For companies, the new Help Center focuses on simpler customization and management so they can make it their own. New features include:

● Themes: By applying a theme, companies now can quickly start their own help centers and make them look beautiful immediately. They can also customize them further without needing to be an expert in HTML.

● Content management: A new administrator toolbar allows for editing and drafting of content directly from a company’s live help center.

● Multilingual content: Across more than 40 supported languages, including major Asian and right-to-left languages, companies can manage multilingual content from one place by linking translated versions of content with the default language.