Positron Telco’s New SMB Video Conferencing Solution Priced at Less than $2,300

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Positron Telecom SystemsPositron Telecommunication Systems today introduced the G-124V, a full featured IP-PBX with integrated, easy to use desktop video conferencing at an MSRP (retail)

price less than $2,300. It works with local or remote videophones, PCs, tablets and smart phones. A video conference of up to 12 participants can be set up as easily as a voice conference call.

The G-124V IP-PBX has all of the advanced PBX features plus video conferencing with no license fees. Just dial a local extension and connect instantly with remote offices, sales staff and other employees from your desk without the need for a special video room. Easy to use, automatically configures screen to the number of users. Empowers managers and employees to easily interact better and see each other’s faces and expressions as they talk. Also allows invited 3rd parties like suppliers and customers to join the video conference from their PCs, tablets or smartphones.