Webinar: Devices

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SMB Nation Webinar Thursday, May 14th, 2020

Presented By: Harry Brelsford , Scot Henley , Susan Krautbauer , Daniel Bartholomew

The coronavirus COVID-19 matter is possibly the ultimate Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenario (in many cases). In this panel discussion, we review the role of BYOD in terms of reliability, quality assurance and productivity. Then we talk about the hardware refresh opportunity from both an MSP and OEM point-of-view that MSPs can capitalize on. Next we visit with a not-for-profit about where to recycle and redeploy all of the used computer equipment that is caused both by a refresh and literally a quick trip to your business mini-storage (and that of your clients) to gather surplus equipment to re-deploy to those in need in a kind way!

Bonus – we will do some geeking such as what is the proper way to implement a Remote Management and Monitoring tool to make your support for remote workers possible?