Webinar: Office 365 Cloud Backup Made Easy: Why it's Needed, Where to Start, and Best Practices

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By now, IT Consultants know that data loss happens in the cloud - and it happens on a surprisingly regular basis.Save my Seat

For this reason, many MSPs see putting a backup solution in place as mandatory, not

optional. “We feel we have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure our clients’ data is protected,” says Matt Altschul, COO of Magnitech Solutions, Inc.

Join us to understand why an O365 backup solution is critical to so many MSPs and how you can evaluate the available tools to find one that fits your business.

3 Key takeaways

  • Clarify the role of an Office 365 backup solution in a spectrum of related data protection approaches like BCDR, Archiving and Legal Hold.
  • Learn how to evaluate O365 back up tools across 3 key spectrums - Technical Completeness, Impact on Profitability and Partner Experience & Support.
  • Understand the impact on your MSP profitability once O365 backup is part of your core service mix