Webinar: What is DNS Filtering and How can MSPs Exploit it for Fame and Profit

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SMB Nation Webinar Wednesday, Nov. 13th, 2019 12:00 PM PST

Presented by: Frank Ohlhorst

 One of the hottest topics in MSPland is DNS Filtering and we’re here with answers from the basic to the advanced so you can develop a new area of expertise.

DNS filtering is the practice of blocking access to certain sites for a specific purpose, often content-based filtering. If a site, or category of sites, has been deemed a threat, then its IP address is blocked with a DNS filter and access to it is prevented. Examples of sites that may be blocked include adult, gambling, productivity sinks, or those known to pose a significant malware risk.

DNS filtering is essential for businesses because it can severely limit the amount of threats a network is exposed to, helping to reduce significantly reduce the remediation workload for MSPs and IT pros. In fact, effective DNS filtering can stop up to 88 percent of internet-borne malware before it even reaches the network.

Another benefit of DNS filtering for businesses comes with increased staff productivity. Destinations like peer-to-peer streaming sites, in addition to being surefire sources of malware, can also sap bandwidth and distract workers. When policies for DNS filtering are set to avoid time-wasting sites like these and other potential sources of HR pain, business owners can take back control of their networks.