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We’re back with another Azure lecture with a significant twist. It’s all about “doing it” as we’ve used past lectures to set the strategic table. Time to eat Azure. Frank Ohlhorst is back with two MSPs in this hands-on story-telling sessions about how they are selling Azure into SMB and, more importantly, sharing tales from the trenches on implementation gotchas.

One MSPs has a well-established Azure practice and can share expertise. The second MSP is much like the “rest of us” and early in the Azure journey. It’s this second MSP that you’ll most related to and this is your opportunity to live vicariously in Azureland for 90-mins. The format is intended to be more ”Guide by the Side” instead of “Sage on the Stage.” As a bonus, after all your questions are answered, is to sprinkle in a hint of AWS comparisons (to see if that makes sense for a future lecture). Most assuredly this Azure lecture will go to overtime so keep the calendar clear.


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