Announcing Small Business Server v.Next! (?)

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Bring your customers into the modern age Well, not really…

The Small Business Server product line has officially been retired. But now that many of the parts of Small Business Server 2011 are moving out of mainstream support, let’s take this opportunity to review everything that made SBS great and what we can offer to bring our SBS customers into the modern age. One of the strengths of SBS was to take the very best technologies and bring them together at an affordable price point. Over the last five years, we’ve see amazing advancement in technologies available to our SMB customers; virtualization, mobility, and cloud. But the number of choices is almost overwhelming. Which are the best? On premises or Cloud? Azure or Office 365? Join us as we explore the technology options and highlight how Windows Server 2012 R2, Office 365, and Azure combine to make a hero solution for:

  • Directory Services
  • File and Print
  • Messaging
  • Intranet Web
  • SQL Server
  • Remote Desktop Services

We will include relevant promotions and licensing changes that make this the best time to make a change.


349 X 115 MOD REG RND2