Sponsored Post: How To Take Email Automation To The Next Level

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Bob Vogel June GeekSpeakBy Bob Vogel, B2 Marketing

With every passing day, email becomes more embedded in the fabric of everyone’s communications.

It’s not just more people using email for more reasons. It’s also more systems automatically generating emails and injecting them into the mix.

I’m not just referring to spam. It’s also the plethora of legitimate robot-generated communications -- everything from out-of-office replies, to e-commerce and security confirmations, to automated system notifications.

All this becomes “noise” that can get in the way of many IT support organizations – almost all of which rely on emails coming into a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address.

You already know about all the junk that filters in, and what a pain it can be to keep that all organized. And if you’re relying on your email client’s filter and rules engine to keep it all organized, Lord help you.

Even if you’ve adopted a PSA tool like Autotask or ConnectWise to run your service desk, if you rely on a basic email parser to create you service tickets, you still probably waste a lot of time killing off tickets that never should have been created, appending follow-up emails that should have been added automatically, or dealing with duplicates.

I encourage all ConnectWise and Autotask users to check out a fabulous tool that I’ve personally used and hear people raving about how much time it saves them once it’s set up. The tool is called Email2Ticket.

Here’s the link to the product that works with Autotask, and here’s the link for the one that works with ConnectWise.