Get the Most out of Unified Communications with Jabra

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jabraminiWithout quality headsets, users can’t experience the full functionality – they’re only getting part of the solution. But by thinking about voice

early in the process, and completing the Unified Communications (UC) solution with Jabra hands-free audio solutions, everyone gets the full story.

A successful Unified Communications process takes you through the four phases below:


Thinking about what UC can do for your company


During this phase, we talk with you about the different kinds of users you have and what their voice requirements may be. Do they work from their desk or need to move around in the office? Perhaps they often work from home or travel a lot? After determining your user segments and their needs, we’ll lead you through our wide product range and, together, choose voice solutions based on those needs. Finding just the right voice solution for your users encourages fast UC familiarity and adoption.


Here, we work together with you to build and test the UC solution that works most optimally for your users. Making sure you get the right solution; we offer a simple piloting procedure in which selected users can try out specifically recommended products. By testing the devices before final purchase, your users will know they’re getting just the right solution for their audio requirements. Your partners are our partners; who is your main UC solution provider? Most likely, they’re one of our partners. By developing integrated solutions with our Strategic Alliance partners, compatibility with all UC solutions is guaranteed.


We help make this phase go smoothly for both implementers and users. Our Mass Deployment solution enables 100% mass deployment and configuration of software and/or individual settings from a central deployment solution to any number of Jabra USB devices in a network. This is possible because our new generation of Jabra USB headsets is completely based on software, i.e. no manual buttons or switches. You’ll save valuable IT resources by accelerating implementation time, while complying with legislation and corporate policies. Imagine this; if you have 1000 users and would typically implement 50 users per day, Mass Deployment would shave off 20 working days to get everyone up and running. Your users will also have an easier time getting familiar with the new UC solution because they’ll more quickly adopt their new hands-free device. Integration is easy and seamless, without interruption to their workflow and high audio quality helps convince them of the benefits of UC, driving efficiency and positive audio experiences, thereby resulting in a greater ROI.

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